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Thursday, September 19, 2019
Tags Naftali Bennett

Tag: Naftali Bennett

The March of Folly

Tel Aviv, Israel (Weltexpress). My late friend, Nathan Yellin-Mor, the political leader of the LEHI underground, once told me that a certain politician is "not...

The Arabs did it – The Great Fire in Greater Israel

Tel Aviv, Israel (Weltexpress). When my parents married in Germany, just before World War I, among the gifts was a document attesting that a...

The Israeli Trumpess

Tel Aviv, Israel (Weltexpress). What will Donald Trump do if he loses the elections in a week and a half from now, as most...

Extreme, Extremer, Extremest

Tel Aviv, Israel (Weltexpress). As is well-known, Israel is a "Jewish and democratic state". That is its official designation. Well... As for Jewish, it's a...
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