Monday, January 30, 2023
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The Visitation

Tel Aviv, Israel (Weltexpress). Thank God for Oren Hazan. Without him, this would have been an exceedingly dull visit. Israel's cabinet ministers were lined up in...

University of Terror

Tel Aviv, Israel (Weltexpress). Some days ago, a man committed an act of terrorism in the center of London, a city I love. He ran...

That’s How It Happened

Tel Aviv, Israel (Weltexpress). After my last article, in which I mentioned that the Arabs started the 1948 war after the partition resolution of...

Don’t Send Him!

Tel Aviv, Israel (Weltexpress). Donald Trump has spat in my face. Not only in my own face, but in the faces of at least...

Remember Naboth

Tel Aviv, Israel (Weltexpress). An incredible piece of legislation is now being debated in Jerusalem. The country is busy with a settlement called Amona. There,...

Particulars: Christoph(er) Merten(-Prescott)

Bishop’s Stortford, UK (Weltexpress). Christoph(er) Merten(-Prescott), born in Bremen, grew up in Britain where his parents were foreign correspondents and went to school there...

The President-Elect Donald Trump

Tel Aviv, Israel (Weltexpress). The first shock has passed. President-Elect Donald Trump. I am gradually getting used to the sound of these words. We are...

The Israeli Trumpess

Tel Aviv, Israel (Weltexpress). What will Donald Trump do if he loses the elections in a week and a half from now, as most...

Our Media Details

Berlin, Germany (Weltexpress). WELTEXPRESS is an international, multilingual premium information portal. Founded in spring 2004 by Stefan Pribnow, WELTEXPRESS started with a German, English...
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