Monday, January 30, 2023
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Cui bono?

Tel Aviv, Israel (Weltexpress). Cui bono – "who benefits" – is the first question an experienced detective asks when investigating a crime. Since I was...

Respect the Green Line!

Tel Aviv, Israel (Weltexpress). The most incisive analysis of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict I have ever read was written by the Jewish-Polish-British historian Isaac Deutscher....

President Kong

Tel Aviv, Israel (Weltexpress). I knew he reminded me of somebody, but I couldn't quite place it. Who was it who pounded his chest...

Being There – Donald Trump will be the entertainer-president

Tel Aviv, Israel (Weltexpress). Perhaps he is lying all the time. Perhaps he is lying about being a liar. Perhaps he is cheating about being a...

The President-Elect Donald Trump

Tel Aviv, Israel (Weltexpress). The first shock has passed. President-Elect Donald Trump. I am gradually getting used to the sound of these words. We are...

Oh My God, Trump!

Tel Aviv, Israel (Weltexpress). President Trump. I am still in a state of shock. But I had better get used to it. This is not...

The Israeli Trumpess

Tel Aviv, Israel (Weltexpress). What will Donald Trump do if he loses the elections in a week and a half from now, as most...

The Triumph of Sisyphus – Memories of Shimon Peres

Tel Aviv, Israel (Weltexpress). David Ben-Gurion was not buried in the Great of the Nation portion of the national cemetery in Jerusalem, but next...
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