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Tuesday, June 19, 2018
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Cry, Beloved Country

Tel Aviv, Israel (Weltexpress). Anyone proposing the death penalty is either a complete fool, an incorrigible cynic or mentally disturbed – or all of...

Lucky Bibi

Tel Aviv, Israel (Weltexpress). "Give me generals who have luck!" Napoleon once exclaimed. Which reminds one of Goethe's Faust, who complained that "the fools never...

Hatred Unlimited

Tel Aviv, Israel (Weltexpress). A palestinian youngster breaks into a settlement, enters the nearest house, stabs a 13-year old girl in her sleep and...

Holy Water

Tel Aviv, Israel (Weltexpress). He appeared out of nowhere. Literally. The Israeli Police needed a new commander. The last one had come to the...

Optimism of the Will

Tel Aviv, Israel (Weltexpress). So now we have another anti-Semite. Mazal Tov ("good luck") as we say in Hebrew. His name is Ban Ki-moon, and...

Imagined Nations

Tel Aviv, Israel (Weltexpress). Two weeks ago, Benedict Anderson died. Or, as we say in Hebrew, "went to his world". Anderson, an Irishman born...
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