Profitable family business keeps US/NATO wars going

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Berlin, Germany (Weltexpress). Make the acquaintance of the influential Kagan warmongering family in Washington. One of its members is the “Institute for the Study of War”. Its questionable “analyses” on Ukraine are also considered “the last word in truth” by German politicians and their press representatives in the mainstream media.

The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) is a propaganda and disinformation factory financed by the US military-industrial complex (MIC) and run by leading neoconservative warmongers. In the closely interwoven security policy establishment of the “Collective West”, the anti-Russian, but above all the inflammatory writings of the ISW, which are personally directed against “Tsar Putin the Terrible”, are often cited as the results of serious research by a scientific institute to justify the US/NATO proxy war against Russia.

The German government broadcasters ARD, ZDF, DLF, DW etc. have also repeatedly enriched their news with heavily embellished reports about the victorious Ukrainian army, citing the “Institute for the Study of War”. According to these reports, Ukraine is successfully fighting for its democratic values and the freedom of Europe against the inhuman Russian barbarians. The same rule is always applied: “If reality doesn’t match the wishful thinking, then there is something wrong with reality.”

However, this only works for a while, because despite largely synchronised reporting, there is ultimately no way around reality, even in the “collective West”. In view of the catastrophe of the Ukrainian summer and autumn offensive and the now decreasing or even complete lack of financial and military aid from the West, even the “Ukraine will win” screamers in the absurd US/NATO cabinet now fear the collapse of the Ukrainian army and state in the coming year.

The ISW has not been spared from this painful rediscovery of reality. With a new, alarming report from 14 December on the dangers that threaten the US/NATO as a result of a Ukrainian defeat, the neoconservative warmongers of the ISW are trying to save what can still be saved. With their “analyses” that without the continuation of massive aid to Kiev it will lead to an even more costly catastrophe for the US/NATO team, the ISW is trying to rally the divergent groups of Ukraine sceptics in the US and Europe. The willingness for further aid in money and weapons worth tens of billions of US dollars to continue the war must be renewed at all costs. With this position, they seem to be knocking down open doors with the traffic light politicians in Germany who read ISW “analyses”.

The fact that these additional funds and weapons are being used to feed the “meat grinder” of the Russian artillery, mainly with Ukrainian men, does not seem to interest anyone on either side of the Atlantic. And ultimately, it looks as if the Ukrainian defeat cannot be halted even with more money and weapons from the West, as Ukraine is faced with the impossible task of finding enough men fit for defence. Most of the fittest men have already been burnt out at the front in the “offensives”.

According to retired US Colonel Douglas Macgregor, Ukrainian losses are estimated at 500,000 soldiers killed and over a million wounded unfit for war. Macgregor considers the continuation of the US/NATO proxy war in Ukraine to be difficult, if only because of the lack of soldiers who are able and willing to fight. Nevertheless, ISW warned on 14 December that the United States risks ultimately having to pay “much higher costs” than most Americans could imagine if the government in Washington “allows the Russians” to win in Ukraine.

This ISW “analysis” comes at a time when Washington is at an impasse over whether Kiev can and should continue to be funded in the face of the largest budget hole, both in absolute and percentage terms, in the history of the US federal government. To make matters worse, the Democrats and most Republicans in the US Congress, as well as people across the country, are in absolute disagreement on this issue.

The Russian-eating Victoria-(Fuck-the-EU)-Nuland, whose Jewish parents fled the Soviet Union for the USA, has obviously inherited their hatred of everything Russian. Nuland is the architect of the Kiev Maidan. This brought about the bloody overthrow of the last democratically elected government in Ukraine by right-wing extremist and fascist perpetrators of violence. According to Nuland, Washington spent five billion US dollars on the years-long preparations for the coup.

In the above-mentioned Politico article from 2014, the married couple Robert Kagan and Victoria Nuland were already described as the “ultimate American power couple” at the time. A year later, the investigative US reporter Robert Parry, who had uncovered the Iran-Contra scandal in the 1980s, wrote on the online format ConsortiumNews under the title: “A family business with endless war” that Victoria Nuland and Robert Kagan “… have a great family business going. From the State Department, she triggers the wars, and on the commentary pages of major media outlets, he calls on Congress to buy more weapons. This also pays off for the family shop when the grateful corporations of the military-industrial complex invest a lot of money for studies in think tanks where other Kagan family members work.”

Since then, the destructive power of the Kagan family has multiplied. multiplied. Earlier in this article we learnt a lot about the influence the influence that the ISW and its “analyses” enjoy not only in the USA, but also in Europe with leading media and politicians. The reader has probably already guessed who runs the ISW. That’s right! A member of the Kagan family, namely the expert in military history military history expert Kimberly Kagan, who founded the institute back in 2007 in Washington in 2007. She is the wife of Frederick Kagan, also a military historian and former professor at the US Military Academy at West Point and associated with the arch-reactionary American Enterprise Institute. Enterprise Institute”.

After this brief insight into the structure of the ISW, we read the conclusion, Frederick Kagan published three days after the above summarised article of 14 December on the website of the professional ISW professional war monger: “The Kremlin’s repeated rhetoric about its enemy Kremlin’s repeated rhetoric about its hostile intentions towards NATO in with Russia’s potential future military capabilities in the event of a Russian capabilities in the event of a Russian victory in Ukraine represents a credible – and costly – threat to the security of the West. West. If Russia were able to achieve its stated maximum objective of the complete capitulation of Ukraine, which would which would likely lead to a Russian military occupation of Ukraine occupation of Ukraine, Russia would be able to deploy troops up to the NATO border from the Black Sea to the Arctic Ocean.”

It continues: “The sudden collapse of Western assistance would likely sooner or later lead to a collapse of Ukraine’s ability to stop the Russian military. Given Russia’s proven hostile intentions towards NATO and its potential military capabilities along almost all of NATO’s eastern border, the West would be forced to prepare for defence against possible Russian action against NATO. The cost of these defences would be astronomical and would likely be accompanied by a period of very high risk. Continued support for Ukraine therefore offers the West the best opportunity to avoid these costs and the expansion of the Russian threat.”

Meanwhile, more and more voices in the European and US media are blaming “Western politicians” for the increasing war-weariness of the population in NATO countries. For example, a commentary in the British Financial Times (FT) accused Western heads of state and government of making their citizens believe, out of “pure populism”, that a solution to the Ukraine conflict (i.e. victory for Ukraine) would be “easy” and quick as long as the West provided Kiev with sufficient weapons and money.

In reality, however, the EU is unable to fulfil its promise to supply Ukraine with one million 155 mm artillery shells, as the production capacities in EU countries are not even sufficient for a significant fraction of the promised quantity. However, not only is the public less and less interested in the conflict in Ukraine, but the FT author also noted an “obvious change” in Western discourse, with the Western media increasingly focussing on domestic political disputes in Ukraine and Selensky being perceived in an increasingly negative light.

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