Badeparadies Schwarzwald – Paradise comes true in blue, a hot spot in the Black Forest, with a spa as if from outer space and the warmest of welcomes

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Titisee-Neustadt, Germany (Weltexpress). A long time ago, when children still paid heed to names such as Hänsel and Gretel or even looked like something that just walked out of Grimm’s Fairy Tales, the Black Forest was a grim, backward region so the story went, where only those clad in ridiculous red stockings brandishing sticks while singing in twos up trees would be happy having a hiking holiday.

This was, of course, a fairy tale itself. But after a bottle or two of say “Black Forest Girl”, you were sure that far worse was yet to come in case of one ever getting there. But now, try again. Take another, a refreshing taste of “Schwarzwald”. For starters, the best place will always be the “Badeparadies” – because it is only here you’re in for the warmest of welcomes. Whether you want to enjoy quite a bit of wellbeing or are looking for lots of thrills at full speed: This is it. All the year round – just the place for Kirk and his kids.

In the Galaxy Schwarzwald you’ll find exceptional fun, action and adventure. Soak it up! This part of paradise offers more than 20 attractions, especially 18 slides just waiting for you to take a ride, swivelling down in a swell way. Without any doubt, the highlight here in the X-treme level is the world’s largest half-pipe made of stainless steel. Already 13? Then be a daredevil and do take a shot at it. Or try that sheer drop from 10 metres, a free fall – really freaky! Monster-Halfpipe or Free Fall: Become a star lit up by stars above!

But if afraid of this sort of extreme, the action level one down could be yours. Embark on a breath-taking journey through outer space and the galactic world. A smashing splashy landing made Space Wave to such a hit. On X-Tube it’s a long way to go round and about, 180 metres in all. Inside Galaxy Flash it’s completely dark for –140 metres, up in Crazy Viper you’re amidst the palm trees with a good view of the universal Galaxy. Therefore, if already 7 of age or even more: Get going!

For little ones up to the age of 12, the family level with its 10 different slides is the right choice. Even toddlers can enjoy the Igel Rutsche shaped like a hedgehog and the Ottili that looks like a snake from outside. Bambini Star, Triple Slide (this is for mum and dad too), Funky Bee and the brand new Clear Water attract young people from the age of 4. For those over 6 there’s even more: Galaxy Twister (with light effects), a Boomerango, Blue-Twin and Yellow-Twin. If you’re in a Twin you’re in for a race – hope you win!

Apart from the slides, there are two pools in the Galaxy, one for those who like to swim in the waves and one 25 metres long, with swimming lanes to do sport. But if you feel like plunging into 33°C warm water, try the Palm Oasis “next door”, a pool landscape surrounded by a sea of 180 palm trees, tropical plants and spacious chill-out oases. Soundproofed walls separate it from the Galaxy. Leave the routines of everyday life behind you to enjoy the fascinating combination of exotic environment and a breeze of fresh Black Forest air. The retractable panorama roof is the architectural masterpiece of the Palm Oasis. The transparent roof construction guarantees a perfect view of the sky while at the same time ensuring a light-flooded and friendly atmosphere. 
An ultimate Caribbean feeling in the heart of the Black Forest there for you to enjoy!

Last not least, there’s the Wellness Oasis located on the gallery level 1st floor. The four theme saunas based on the elements earth, fire, water and air are just waiting to make you break out in a sweat. Special infusions done periodically in the saunas delight your senses and allow you to let go and simply feel good. Let the breath-taking sauna garden enchant you after the sauna infusion, enjoying the air and the relaxing atmosphere of an invigorating climate. Immerse yourself in the world of wellbeing at the Wellness Oasis, effectively tuned to benefit body, mind and soul.

How to get there

By public transport, take the train for instance from Freiburg in the west through the scenic Höllental to Titisee station, then bus 7257 that stops in front of the Badeparadies.
By car, take the B 31 up to exit Neustadt West. And if you arrive with a mobile caravan, then there are lots of places where you can stay near-by and close to this nice paradise.


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