Berlin’s Deputy Mayor Frank Henkel on crime in the city

The Funkturm in Berlin.
The Funkturm of Messe Berlin. © 2017, Münzenberg Medien, Photo: Stefan Pribnow

Berlin, Germany (Weltexpress). The Indigo Hotel provided a stage for Berlin’s Deputy Mayor, Frank Henkel (CDU), leading candidate and Senator for Sport an opportunity to explore criminal nature and its impact on residents, tourists and the city. A question and answer session with local citizens and journalists addressed a subjective – objective question: How have you been affected by crime?

Deputy Mayor Henkel reiterated that a city like Berlin with its nearly 4 million residents is a very safe place to live and has an excellent departmental record in dealing with criminal behavior. Part of this success is attributed to a highly trained and well respected police force.

Crime has diminished in the capital, but additional programs and projects are necessary in fully integrating a multi-cultural community.

There is no question as to the random criminal behavior found in a city as large as Berlin, but city officials, government departments and residents know that more has to be done to ensure a sense of integrative belongingness.

Belonging to the community means that ample opportunity – activities must be in place for residents to “feel” safe, respected and acknowledged.

Raising awareness – consciousness as it relates to reducing criminal behavior and overall safety has everything to do with offering more projects and services where diverse ethnic groups have every opportunity to learn new skills and gain employment – young and old alike.

What people need – to feel safe, will be measured by future city-wide projects and marketing campaigns that educate and involve all residents to be equally part of a healthy community and environment.

Changing subjective – objective opinion and translating that into workable activities begins with involving families, schools and the business community. The more people learn to communicate with each other or have the opportunity to communicate their culture and values, the easier it will be for integration to authentically take hold.

Change, chance and opportunity offered to all residents, city-wide – will create a greater sense of belonging and respect. Decreasing violence and aggressive behavior will diminish when government implements constructive city-wide youth programs – centers, parks with organized sporting and cultural events.

Constructive dialogue and a working events calendar shared between city – government officials, education boards – schools and businesses will harness a new sense of belonging.

Investing in residents is an investment in the overall growth and future of a healthy and productive city. Marketing campaigns between government, professional sports – clubs and corporate sponsors need to be involved as a single body in creating the appropriate channels.

A safe Berlin, where crime is further reduced depends on a joint effort – government, school boards, professional sports, cultural and religious organizations need work closely in building bridges leading to a fully and productive society.

The subjective – objective question regarding how crime may affect you was met positively.

With greater supportive action – innovative initiatives, Berlin will emerge as a role-model for all cities – not only in Germany, but worldwide.

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