Putin-Biden Call: The Situation in Ukraine

NATO - Ukraine. © NATO

Washington, USA (Weltexpress). Tuesday’s “secure” video call constitutes the second meeting between Vladimir Putin and Joseph Biden since their June tete-a-tete in Geneva. During the phone call, it is said in Washington and Moscow, the situation in Ukraine was also discussed.

In the conversation, Biden voiced US’ ‘deep concerns over the buildup of Russian forces near the Ukrainian border, the White House said shortly after the call ended. Particularly, the US President “made clear” to Putin that the United States of America (USA) and its allies would respond with strong economic and other measures in the event of a military escalation in Ukraine. Besides, according to the White House, Biden reiterated his support for Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty, calling for de-escalation and return to diplomacy.

Are these allies or should we better say vassals of the USA?!

Biden informed Putin that Washington is preparing large-scale sanctions in case of further escalation of the situation around Ukraine, the Kremlin added.

Over the past several weeks, western media outlets have been fuelling the “Russian invasion of Ukraine” narrative, with Bloomberg first reporting the purported “incursion” in mid-November.

Other outlets followed its lead. A handful of stories grew to the climax of German tabloid “Bild” offering a map that depicted the so-called “plan” by Putin to invade the neighbouring country. Russia’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova rejected the “plan” as nothing but “fantasies” of the German media outlet.

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