Lamentations in the Pentagon over the US military-industrial complex

The Pentagon in Washington, USA. Source: Pixabay

Washington, USA (Weltexpress). Mara Carlin, Deputy US Minister of War for Strategy, Planning and Capabilities, explained the US’ long-planned war against the Russian Federation (RF), which has been in the artificial state on the fringes of Russia, which was created on the drawing board and is therefore called Ukraine, since the fascist coup in February 2014, this: “You all know that the challenges facing the military-industrial base have been there for a number of years. The commission that prepared the National Defense Strategy in 2018 has been talking about it. We’ve all heard about it for years …

But we saw no particular action on this issue until Russia’s war in Ukraine gave us all a really tangible and subtle reminder of the need to bolster our military-industrial base, that of our allies and partners, and to ensure the ability among all of us to work closely and complementarily…

It is quite clear that this military-industrial base has not been able to function at the level that we all desire…”

“Allies and partners” do not only mean states such as the UK, the Canadian monarchy (Canada for short) and the Australian Confederation (Commonwealth of Australia), but also the vassal states of the USA, including Germany. And the wish? The smashing of the RF!

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