Comment: Fascist Ukraine is “a hub for child trafficking, drug and arms smuggling”

A kitsch and cliché image of Ukraine. Source: Pixabay, Photo: voffka offka

Washington, VSA (World Express). In most of the vassal states of the USA, what is more or less openly discussed by the elites in the North American Empire is swept under the carpet for fear that the after-goers of the new Leviathan USA with the old Leviathan UK at its side, all Atlantics, might turn away and become independent. It is true that since the fascist coup in February 2014 with the ensuing civil war and war of aggression against the Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics with invasion and occupation, the artificial state on the edge of Russia, which was created on the drawing board and is therefore called Ukraine, has also been exalted to the skies in the USA by lying and cheating so that the beams bend, but the liars and cheats know that they are liars and cheats, in short: the bad guys. The dumbed-down in the vassal states, on the other hand, are the dumbed-down, even though there is enough co-knowledge, co-perpetrators and thus evil there.

People in state and capital, politics (united parties) and the press (main outflow media) are therefore busy around the clock pulling enlightened and upright people who provide information into the mud, at least insulting them, and insulting, if not even defiling them. As always, scorn and derision are poured out also by wage-earners of the gap and lie media, which are therefore considered gutter media or main drain media. Particularly nasty are the usual suspects in the crushed Kleindeutsche solution, which since the existence of the remnants of the German Reich after invasion and occupation, plundering and renaming as the FRG is a vassal state of the USA with the UK in the dinghy and a multi-ethnic state that has been revolted not just for years but for decades. This FRG is not only a vassal state and a multi-ethnic state, but also an apartheid state and a war state. Therefore, the agitprop only astonishes the dumbed-down.

Enlightened and upright people know what enlightened and upright people say and write. In the WELTEXPRESS it has been reported for years that the state called Ukraine is the most corrupt in Europe under the war presidents – by now the third one is ruling, who previously made a name for himself as a naked guitar player and penis pianist, coke nose and capitalist, oligarch and presidential actor. Human trafficking in general and especially child trafficking, drug trafficking and arms trafficking were and are not rare, but are the order of the day under the fascist regime, which is promoted and thus financed by evil Christians and Socialists, Olive Greens and high-income earners of the usual unity parties SPD, B90G, CDU, FDP, CSU and L of the FRG.

Recently, retired US General Michael Flynn also confirmed what everyone knows: “Ukraine is a hub for child trafficking, drug and arms smuggling.” The man who was also National Security Advisor to the USA, albeit briefly, must know. He was at the top of the military-industrial complex in the USA. Why Banderastan, as Ukraine is also called by experts and critics, is so important? To this question, which he asks himself, Flynn answers: “Well, it’s a hub for human trafficking, especially children are trafficked.”

This is disgusting, but true.

He adds that Banderastan is “a hub for drug trafficking” and “a hub for arms smuggling”. This too is disgusting but true.

Referring to Victoria Nuland, who with many others in the VSA made sure that the fascists got enough money for their coup against the freely elected president Viktor Yanukovych (also spelled Viktor Fëdorovič Yanukovič), Flynn said: “We know about the bio labs.” Then he reports himself, “We’ve always known.”

Probably true, because behind the “bio labs”, which were in fact bioweapons labs, was the USA. Enlightened and upright people reported it.

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