“Down with France” – Will the bourgeoisie in the enlarged West Francia let war be waged over gold and uranium in Niger?

La Défense in Paris. Source: Pixabay, Foto: Fran W

Paris, France (Weltexpress). When the WELTEXPRESS talks about France, some authors refer less to France and more to the enlarged West Francia. In this regard, Matthieu Buge shares in “RT DE” (31.7.2023) under the title “Brussels has fallen into the same trap as Paris – Is there a way out for the EU?” Worth knowing to the point and thus truth in clarity with: “The history of France is violent and protracted. The term ‘France’ did not officially appear until around 1190, when Philippe Auguste began to use the Latin term ‘Rex Franciae’ (King of France) instead of ‘Rex Francorum’ (King of the Franks). If one wants to consider this period as the time of the emergence of a national consciousness, one must bear in mind that at that time the country did not include Provence, Savoy or part of Burgundy and Alsace-Lorraine. At the same time, the whole of the west of France, from Normandy to the Pyrenees, was under the influence of the British House of Plantagenets.”

It continues, “The French victory at the end of the Hundred Years’ War against England, in the second half of the 15th century, deprived England of its continental possessions and promoted the transformation of France from a feudal monarchy into a centralised state. However, the territorial completion of the country was still some centuries away.”

This “Frankish Empire” was thus created with the sword, like so many empires, and not with the (noble) pen. Not only did the King of the Franks become the King of France, and this became ever stronger through its rulers, but also larger: “Alsace, Artois and Franche-Comté were annexed between 1648 and 1697. The feudal estate of Lorraine remained an enclave until 1766. Corsica was purchased in 1768. Provence remained de jure independent until the Revolution of 1789. Savoy and Nice were not annexed until 1860. According to estimates by historian Eric Hobsbawm, at the time of the French Revolution in 1789, only half the population of France spoke French.” In order to unite the many peoples, conscription was introduced and the French language became the only compulsory language for all peoples, including the Germans. France became a rising world power and won colonies.

There is still trouble there, although the rulers in Paris have long since switched to colonialism 2.0. The Basques and Bretons, as well as the Corsicans and Germans in Alsace, also rebel from time to time, while Lorraine has been completely revolted and cleansed of Germans. The Germans in the enlarged West Francia receive no support. The opposite is the case. Evil Christians and Socialists, Oliv Greens and high earners of the usual unity parties of the crushed small German solution with the abbreviation FRG, which has been a vassal state of the VSA with the UK in the dinghy since its inception, have been revolting this state not only for years, but for decades. The FRG is not only a vassal state, but a multi-ethnic state.

In Niger, too, the new rulers no longer want to be vassals of their masters in Paris. The new rulers are said to have banned the export of gold and uranium to the enlarged West Francia. They no longer want to be exploited. Both the masters in Paris and the servants in Niger know that every second or third light bulb in France is powered by uranium from Niger. But in Niger, 80 per cent of the population do not have a single light bulb. The slogan in Niamey, the capital of the Republic of Niger, is: We first.

It goes without saying that the gentlemen in Paris do not like this at all. And the bourgeoisie of the enlarged West Francia is not alone. The gentlemen of the VSA with the UK in the dinghy as well as the EU bureaucrats have already declared their support. They are putting pressure on the rulers in Benin, Burkina Faso, Cabo Verde, Côte d’Ivoire, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Liberia, Mali,Nigeria, Senegal, Sierra Leone and Togo. Through their West African Economic Community, they were supposed to condemn the coup. They dutifully did as ordered. Some of the rulers and members of the ruling class in these states are getting up in arms. There have been coups in four of the 15 member states. The West Francia is in the middle of almost every mess instead of just being there.

It is true that with the mineral resources Niger would be a rich state and France without the cheap gold and uranium from Niger would soon be just as screwed as the bourgeoisie of the crushed Kleindeutsche solution. Unlike the Germans, however, the French are not such evil vassals as the Germans, who (have to) do without cheap raw materials and energy from the RF. It probably won’t be long before the French, possibly with German vassal troops, go to war against the new rulers in Niger who want to nationalise and better control their raw materials. The only ones who can still help the government in Niger are the Russians and Han Chinese.

Those protesting in the streets of Niamey know this too. They shout “Down with France” and “Long live Putin”. They carry Nigerian flags and those of the RF.

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