Small, strong, black and fits even in the smallest parking space – Test Driving and Parking with the „Fiat 500C“ in Munich

Fiat 500 C © Fiat

München, Berlin, Germany (Weltexpress). Some say this car is looking like a „roundish Berlusconi memory figure“, others call it „Rolling Red Ridinghood“. So what? For us this car is simply small, strong, black and fits in each and every parking space. You may ask: why black? We admit: The wonderful driving fun vehicle is available in eleven colours, which can be combined with the three folding top colours red, black and ivory.

In combination with the numerous inboard colours there is unlimited freedom of choice to design your personal dream car.

What’s the name of the car in question? We are talking about the „Fiat 500C“.

At the moment we sweep along Munichs Maximilianstraße. Cruising en miniature.

The task is to manoeuvre our dwarf through the pulsating and vibrant traffic of Germany’s capital of „Dolce Vita“ and fake chique, home of bourgeoisie and bohème.

It feels like driving through Naples as we meander hooting and gesticulating through the pulsating traffic of the bavarian metropole. On this early forenoon we take a sunny bow from the Stachus through Schwabing, then to the „englischer Garten“ and, later on, to the Brenner.

Like an italian greengrocer who is running out of time, we try to gain space the italian way. Folding topless, it’s pure fun to face the facts of modern life traffic jams. Although our petit sportster has advantage in exploiting even the smallest vacant space it takes us more than half an hour for eight kilometres. Arriving at a café, where we take the days’ first latte and get information from Fiat’s responsibles. We skirt the usual difficulties of parking for just one reason: we don’t need much space. Within a minute we find a place for our little roadrunner while others have to seek much longer in their „long vehicles“.

The smartest feature of the „500C“ surely is the folding top.

It stretches out just to the rear which creates a slightly reduced cabriolet feeling also because of the nostalgic arbors and the deposited roof on the boot. Ahh, no problem, feels like the first time when we were younger.

Not only the folding top is new inside the „500C“ whose oldest ancestor came into being in 1957, called „Nuova 500“.

Having over 270 variations possible, the probability that two identic 500C meet each other in the streets anywhere out in the world inclines to zero, more personal choice is simply not possible.

Nowadays, the „Fiat 500C Pop“ is the basic model which convinces with substantial standard equipment.

For the starting prize of 13.800 € it comes with the electrically controlled folding top, seven airbags, ABS, electronic servo steering, electric windows and mirrors and a radio with CD and mp3-player, just to mention a few of the offered features.

To avoid damage whilst parking – we remember that the rear prospect was restricted- the car offers sensor technology and special bumpers. Video would be a fine idea too, right?

Starting from 15.800 € the even smarter „500C Lounge“ comes to your courtyard. It features 15-inch light metal rims, fog lamp, flexible driver seat, air condition, leather crafted steering wheel with radio control panel, a bluetooth-infotainment system called „Blue and Me“, the Hi-Fi system „Interscope“ and diverse chrome applications.

We had a fine time with the little italian sportster, the feeling still works not only for nostalgic souls.

„Happy to meet you“, is a slogan which fits nicely with the „Fiat 500C“.

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