Vacation with friends – from Senegal to the Austrian Alps – Aldiana offers holidays with style and innovation

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Berlin, Germany (Weltexpress). When it comes with an abundance of great guest services that stir the imagination and fulfills everyone’s pleasures – Aldiana Hotel & Resorts is the right destination. With resorts in ten highly prized locations – from Senegal to the Austrian Alps, there is plenty of activities for your holiday adventure.

Aldiana’s resorts in Senegal, Spain, Tunisia, Egypt, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey and Austria are meet the highest standards and quality levels in travel industry rankings.

With an eight percent guest increase in 2009 – 2010, Aldiana has done very well despite the financial and natural climate mishaps that challenged the travel industry.

This figure only proves that Aldiana delivers the right product and value for holiday goers – young and old.

During a Berlin Press conference hosted by C-Tours, Aldiana CEO, Mr. Peter Wennel and Contact & Creation – Public Relations CEO, Mr. Gunther Träger emphasized the importance of customer satisfaction throughout the Aldiana resort chain.

CEO Peter Wennel, stated, “Vacation with friends is Aldiana’s motto, the importance on making sure your guests receive the highest standards and quality makes all the difference.”

C&C CEO Gunther Träger commented on how important it is to stay abreast of innovative design – taking the travel industry to new levels is a challenging and highly enjoyable task.”

Both are correct – customer service, excellent standards, quality activities and innovation is the stamp of a successful endeavor – Aldiana is meeting its target audience in an exceptional manner.

An added premium service for Aldiana customers departing from Frankfurt will experience the most comfortable check-in service in the world.

Your vacation starts from the airport where Fraport-VIP-Service provides valet parking. VIP escorts greet you, handle your luggage and assist with check-in.

The result – hassle free and no time spent in long check-in lines.

If that isn’t enough, the Aldiana VIP- Guest is escorted via Limo or VIP Bus directly to the plane.

Before leaving a state of the art lounge, the valet attendant returns your car keys – that in it self is a service winner!

Enjoying a glass of champagne upon your greeting sparks a welcoming holiday spirit – time to relax and enjoy, but getting your car parked and the keys handed to you in the lounge is highly innovative.

When it comes to a family holiday, Aldiana wastes no time in reaching an important target group – children.

Aldiana Kid’s Clubs start from age two. Enriching programs and activities wait the youngsters in every Aldiana resort.

According to Peter Wennel, “50% of our guests are families – this is an important target group that receives the highest standards available.”

For example, the “Aldiana Youngster Club” will feature new activities for kids between ages 8-13. The triathlete event consists of – running, swimming and broad-jumping – in Austria broad-jumping will be replaced with wall climbing. The winners will meet in October 2011 for the finals.

The champions receive grand prizes where families can return for a Aldiana holiday compliments of the Aldiana Hotel & Resorts.

Aldiana is also planning a new “Move & Fun Week; Knee-Fit Therapy, Recreation-Stress-Busters and Test-the-Best ScubaPro activities.

Aldiana programs are rich in diversity – filling the senses and strengthening the spirit.

The resorts are designed for health and wellness – starting in Senegal in 1973 and stretching across to the Austrian alps in 2010, Aldiana delivers the right choices for a grand holiday.

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