Weltrestaurant Markthalle in Kreuzberg – Where everyday is a special day …

Weltrestaurant Markthalle, Berlin-Kreuzberg. © 2013, Muenzenberg Medien, photo: Maximilian Gwodzik

Berlin, Germany (Weltexpress). When in search of a traditional beer hall attached to a market where history takes you on a wonderful journey, you’ll make your way to the Weltrestaurant Markthalle.

Nestled in Kreuzberg, one of Berlin’s liveliest neighborhoods – spending a morning, afternoon or evening at the Weltrestaurant Markthalle is an enjoyable experience.

Casual, good for kids, friendly service – breakfast, lunch or dinner – in an old-world atmosphere, Rainer Mennig’s establishment is highly recommended when looking for that special Berlin moment.

The restaurant stirs old-world charm with beautiful dark wood, high ceilings and a long-bar that stretches clearly through the restaurant.

The room will transplant you 100 years back and the sounds and smell with traditional cooking and beer glasses clinking is very special.

A Kreuzberg early morning moment, where a coffee machine breaks stillness – leaving you to float with your newspaper and assorted French, Mediterranes, American or Canadian style breakfast is pure Weltrestaurant Markthalle.

After a mid-day sojourn along the river Spree, you’ll welcome the daily menu – fine traditional pea soup or Bouletten and a hearty beer will take the load off your feet.

© 2013, Muenzenberg Medien, photo: Stefan Pribnow
© 2013, Muenzenberg Medien, photo: Stefan Pribnow

Specialties of the house – the very large Schnitzel “Wiener Art” with Bratkartoffel, Jägerschnitzel or Schweinebraten are an absolute must.

Steaks are also a favorite with the guests.

Dinner is as lively as the day time experience!

You’re in the right place if you are looking for that good old German feel and meal – where tradition flows throughout the hall and from table to table.

Seeing is believeing – tasting it, even more so!

The feel-good flair that Rainer Mennig and his team deliver is one of Berlin’s real-time moments – exceptional!

On a closing note – after dinner – if you thought that was it, you will find an underground – keller, Auster Club where music is diverse, live too and the tunes are 40’s up to the 60’s…

The Weltrestaurant Markthalle and Auster Club is highly recommended.

* * *

Weltrestaurant Markthalle, Pücklerstrasse 34, 10997 Berlin- Kreuzberg, Phone: 030-617 55 02, Email: info@weltrestaurant-markthalle.de, Website: http://www.weltrestaurant-markthalle.de

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