Greys in H’Otello K’80 – Smooth

Grey's Bar in Berlin. © H'Otello Management

Berlin, Germany (Weltexpress). City hotel bars can be quite captivating – especially, if the bar in question is Greys.

Located in the heart of Berlin – city west, H’Otello K’80 opened a new bar and lounge on Savigny Platz.

Great atmosphere in up-beat urban style decor – the next best thing to a hard day’s night and serene music – you can kick-back, relax and have one of several excellent cocktails.

Innovative bar recipes and home-made sugars – mixes, along with excellent assorted spirits, the team behind the bar are genuine masters.

To raise the bar, try any of the following: The Cava – Berliner Brandstifter Gin, home-made sweet and sour mix, Campari, orange peels, with a sparkle of vanilla; Virgin Solero Colado – Maracuja necktar, kokosmak and cream; The Greys Cup – Hendrick’s Gin, St. Germain Holunderblütenlikor, himbeeren, lime juice, Läuber sugar and soda; and the all time hit – Mai Tai – Rum, rum, rum 73% with dry orange, maplesyrup, lime juice and limettensaft…

Classic and international – Greys Bar & Lounge is a must stop for city dwellers.

With spring in the air, Grey’s sundeck will be perfect for that added touch of joy.

Additionally, Greys offers assorted snacks, excellent wines and champagne.

The pulse of the city runs through Savigny Platz – next time in the west, visit the stylish and superb Greys Bar & Lounge for a great experience.

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