Kia Motors – Magic Sorento – Automation that serves the future

Kia Sorento. © Kia

Berlin, Germany (Weltexpress). Cars that serve the future have answers for every consumer – Kia delivers that message. The Kia Sorento 2,4 CVVT 4WD Spirit is a demonstrative example of fine workmanship and cruise dimension – safety and comfort are intertwined in the equation.

Dynamic design with extensive interior deluxe, features a 7-seater, power and street-smart excellence.

A 5-Star Euro NCAP Crash-test ranking is proof that Kia places high priority on safety first.
New design in motor construction is a Kia trademark.

Style, power and sleek form accentuates a car’s prestige. Kia Sorento won top honors in the SUV category for vehicles that sell between 25,000 Euro – 40,000 Euro.

The Sorento sells for 36,925 Euro.

Also, Sorento placed third in all-road vehicles behind VW Tiguan and the Audi Q5.

Sporty elegance rolling on 4,69 meters attracts consumers who appreciate vision and spirit.

7-Year guarantee, 7-Seater and 7-Reasons why Kia Sorento is a classic model:

Luxurious leather seats, a cockpit matching a 747, modern multi-navigation system, 2,4 liter engine, great family distance travel, superior agile handling and effective noise reduction and vibration control…

Compact aero-dynamic lines and improved milage makes for comfortable city and long-distance travel. Packing the kids, bikes and luggage is no problem for the wide-body spirit – spacious design is a pre-requisite.

Concert sound with perfect climate control imparts a relaxing journey – passengers are treated to rare interior privacy.
Precision handling with high-end turning capacity makes driving uniquely enjoyable – easy.

Driving that maximizes quality and aesthetics is the name best attributed to Kia’s SUV Sorento.

Weltexpress weekly Auto-Test highly recommends Kia Sorento – a test of the best.

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