My Smart, my car rental company – Mirento offers both in Berlin

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Berlin, Germany (Weltexpress). The small-car version, Smart is great for big city adventure – the perfect small-car is ideal for any metropole and absolutely ideal for Berlin. For example, the Whiteshade hard-top and convertible will be available in Summer 2014 – no question, a smart idea.

Smart is a Daimler AG brand – the car manufacturer along with university ingenuity has been involved for several years in developing a smaller version than the VW-Polo-Class in order to create optimal user convenience with perfect parking solutions.

Smart – see and be seen…

Nicolas G. Hayek, the founder of Swatch put his heart, mind and money into the project who first started the concept with VW and then Mercedes-Benz. The project began in Biel (1994) in the Swiss Canton Bern area – starting with the “City Coupe”.

Today’s Smart is a Daimler Benz product and the original planning had nothing to do with the watchmaker’s other specializations.

In the southwest of Stuttgart, Böblingen – Lothringischen Hambach, you will find the new home of Smart manufacturing. Hambach, better known as “Smartville” is where “Smartismus” is being developed – the new Smart is a combination of Swatch, Mercedes and Art.

It doesn’t get any “Smarter” than in the German capital. The classy small-car can be rented through car rental company, Mirento – where smart customers and style go well together and each customer is King.

What began six months ago, Mirento acquired 30 Smart cars and the rest translates into sound business. For as little as 19,95 Euro per day you will find the perfect deal. For 29,95 per day you can rent the Smart convertible and the top-model, Smart Brabus convertible can be rented for 59,95 per day, including the 19% sales tax.

Further rental options – weekend specials, Friday to Monday plus 1500 kilometers will cost 55 Euro. The “Neid Rider”, Smart Brabus Xclusive convertible with tailor made options is availble for 39 Euro, including sales tax and 100 kilometers.

Should Mirento owner, Daniel Hahne continue his successful services, an additional outlet will be planned soon – without question!

Mirento – My Car Rental Agency!

* * *

Mirento is located on Budapester Strasse 11, 10787 Berlin, Germany, Telephone: 030 – 26931399, Email:, Website:

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