Kia Picanto Spirit rises fast – Performance energy with big drive

Kia Picanto © Kia

Berlin, Germany (Weltexpress). Never without positive surprises, Kia Motors changed a few elements to the Picanto Spirit. Small car segment with giant return value, the 2010 model has been the Korean automaker’s best selling model.

Regardless the model, Kia knows what customers appreciate – comfort, quality, service, safety and the right price.

Customer satisfaction researchers, VOSS (Vehicle Owners Satisfaction Study – June 2009) noted that17000 auto consumers in Germany ranked the Kia Picanto second in the small-car range category.

ADAC Auto Test New Cars 2008 named the Picanto number one in small-car segment with a price tag under Euro 10,000.

Since the end of 2008, 63000 Picantos are rolling on the German highways.

In the first half of 2009, an additional 8606 Picantos joined the streets.

The volume speaks for itself – the Picanto is a huge success among auto consumers.

Changes in the 2010 model are noted in the rich color selection – lemon, diamond blue, fashion blue, brilliant silver, titanium silver, galaxy black and snow white.

Rounded edges with a 3,55 meter length – trapeze form and cool-side light blinkers, highlight the Spirit Kia Picanto.

A rounded cockpit effect with individual temperature, mirror and entertainment control is measured to suit every comfort component.

Kia Motors’ reliability and safety features always make top-marks – electronic braking system – EBD-ESP, match diverse road conditions with perfect results.

Passive safety features – front and side airbags, belt system and child-baby features – ESOFIX, are superior products.

Theft prevention warning is another example where Kia Motors offers full package guarantee.

A seven year or 150000 km guarantee sticker with mobility, rust and paint options is pure consumer satisfaction.

The Kia Picanto Spirit is today’s answer to environmental and personal consumer intelligence.

Get surprised, get Kia – the small car segment is a super deal.

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