“Lada is iconic” – Documentation: “Petition for the retention of all current Lada models in Germany and the EU”

A Lada Vesta in the Italian countryside. © Copyright AvtoVAZ, Lada

Berlin, Germany (Weltexpress). At Campact there is a “petition for the retention of all current Lada models in Germany and the EU” started by Stephan S., addressed to “Lada, AvtoVaz, Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, Ministry of Economics Moscow, Embassy of the Russian Federation” is.

The signatories demand “the resumption of sales of all Lada models in the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG) and the European Union (EU).

The petition is supported by: Lada Deutschland GmbH, represented by Dieter Trzaska.

In the petition, the question “Why is it important” is answered as follows: “Because Lada offers a wide range of niche models that A: are affordable for everyone and B: have and uphold a fan base since 40 years and an always loyal group of buyers in Germany and the EU. In addition, new dealerships have been recruited and created in recent years. “

Supporters who sign write sentences like this: “Lada is cult.” It’s not enough just to say it, you have to spell it out and publish it!

More information on the petition on the home page of Compact’s petition platform in the global network at:

https://weact.campact.de/petitions/petition-fur-den-erhalt-aller-aktuellen-lada-modelle-in-deutschland-und-der-eu?source=whatsapp-share-button&utm_medium=recommendation&utm_source=rec- wa & share = 4cf77ae6-9f4c-450f-b473-cb286217c55f & fbclid = IwAR3y5rR_Knk1qymtZw0-IQiqi6D3scJGnPaqwhgpn53WesDhrQCxONRzrEc

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