Berlin, Germany (Weltexpress). The aim of the Collective West led by Washington had been to shake Russia to its foundations economically and militarily to such an extent that it would emerge from the Ukraine war weakened and having lost its great power status. NATO Europe, together with Ukraine, could then largely take care of the rest of Russia on its own, which would allow the USA to devote all its attention to China, which it has declared to be its main adversary for years. In fact, the result of the war in Ukraine has already been the complete opposite of the objectives of the Western elites. The reasons for this include the following:

Russia has (for the time being) integrated four new industrialised regions with a well-educated population of just under 4 million, generally ethnic Russians, into its territory and geographically shifted its border towards the NATO countries.

As an agrarian state, the rest of Ukraine will be considerably smaller and barely viable or no longer exist at all and will be taken over by Poland, Hungary and Romania. All three countries are laying claim to parts of western Ukrainian territory because of their own ethnic minorities living there. It is to be expected that the heavily armed Ukrainian nationalists and Nazi battalions, who are mainly based in western Ukraine, will not stand idly by and accept this. This will not make NATO’s eastern border calmer, but considerably more unstable. NATO and the EU will most likely have a major problem in these regions, which are currently still part of western Ukraine.

The defeat of the West’s Ukrainian project has not only shown the world that NATO is obsolete, but also made it clear to NATO’s allies in Europe that the alliance has become incapable of guaranteeing its own defence. In contrast, Russia has already emerged from the conflict in a position of strength and greater credibility in politico-military affairs.

Russia will simply emerge from this war better prepared as a military, economic and political power and will play a leading role in global decision-making. The dictum that “there can be no security in Europe without Russia, and certainly not against Russia”, which was also appreciated in Western Europe years ago, has been confirmed once again and appears to be taking on increasingly global dimensions due to Russia’s enormous growth in prestige.

NATO, on the other hand, will sit on the dying branch, especially the EU countries – with declining economies, empty military arsenals and discredited “wonder weapons”.

With Russia’s military superiority demonstrated on the battlefield rather than in propaganda, the attempt to further encircle Russia through the accession of Finland and Sweden has also become a greater threat to the two countries. Both countries have had good relations with Moscow for decades, first with the Soviet Union and then with Russia. Now the transatlantic elites of these countries have, without popular consultation, swapped the security of their neutrality for the insecurity of membership in an outdated but aggressive, US-dominated NATO. This has put Finland and Sweden in the line of fire of Russia’s weapons, which have proved superior without being able to benefit from the defence capability promised by NATO – they have traded neutrality and peace for insecurity.

In view of Russia’s economic strengthening and the simultaneous weakening of the EU and the change in the balance of power between the collective West and the Global South, it will be the Russian Federation and the Global South that will emerge as the clear winners from this development. Russia in particular has proven as a society that it is capable of asserting itself largely on its own against Western pressure and preserving its sovereignty without submitting in the slightest to the dictates of the USA/EU/NATO.

The collective West, if it wants to survive in the future, will have to learn to live on an equal footing with other countries in a common world in which Russia is an important player, instead of trying to use threats and force to impose its “rules-based order” on others, which is no order but has only ever sown chaos, war and devastation for the profit of the US elites and their vassals.

In the face of Russia’s victory – which was to be expected from the outset – it has been fully demonstrated that NATO’s military superiority does not exist. The USA and NATO are not only 10 to 15 years behind in conventional warfare, as is currently taking place in Ukraine, in terms of the necessary industrial and technical capabilities to seriously stand up to Russia. This applies even more to many elementary key areas of modern warfare: the mastery of electronic warfare in attack and defence, in air defence and in missile technology, whereby not only the hypersonic systems are meant, but also their manoeuvrability. All of this makes NATO an alliance without a future that cannot protect anyone, and it will take a while for this new reality in the correlation of forces to really sink in with the aloof, unrealistic Western elites. But it can already be said with a fair degree of certainty that first the EU and then the USA will soon lose their aura as protectors of the neo-colonial “free world” altogether, even if they are currently trying almost hysterically to resist this development.

The prestige that Russia gains in this process will bring it numerous negotiating advantages, both with the rest of the world and with the EU, which is unlikely to survive this crisis in its current form. With or without the EU, if the countries of Western Europe want to recover economically and have security and stability for the future, they cannot do so without Russia as a partner. So it is the EU that will have to live with “more Russia” in the future, and the USA will also have to learn to deal with a world with “more Russia” – contrary to what it so loudly propagated as its goal at the beginning!

As with everything to do with the Collective West, illusions ultimately led to disillusionment and promises quickly led to debts that became increasingly difficult to repay. The elites were and still are trapped in a short-term vision based on the logic of their personal political survival at all costs, and for whom political power only serves to maintain their own social status. This seems symptomatic of the elites throughout the Collective West today. But sooner or later, reality will prevail and destroy the foundation of the narrative on which their power has rested until now. Then the weeping and gnashing of teeth begins. This phase seems to have already begun in Europe too. Increasingly, the Western elites are blaming each other for the chaos they have caused and, with any luck, they will soon be tearing each other apart politically.

On the other hand, some of the neo-conservative warmongers in the US want even more wars, in even more places, around the world. According to their ideas, the current chaos can only be resolved through even more chaos, through a gigantic catharsis in a world conflagration from which the USA emerges as the sole victor and hegemon for the next century. They belong to the “Deep State” and they don’t care about voter favour. They want their great war to destroy Iran, divide Russia and weaken China.

The other faction of US hawks, which comes from the political establishment, sees a continuation of the war in Ukraine or an expansion of the conflict in the Middle East as a threat to their own political demise. Both factions of warmongers are currently equally strong in Washington. However, the trend among US voters increasingly favours the faction that does not back “all-out war”.

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