Kia Soul – Stunning cross-over has all the right moves – 5-Stars – Euro NCAP caps Soul with top-rating

Kia Soul (2009). © Kia

Berlin, Germany (Weltexpress). When it comes to fine driving with impeccable safety features, the Kia Soul is the latest road champion with all the right moves. Euro NCAP capped the Soul with the highest marks in the B segment. Auto-maker Kia once again provides customers with vehicle safety in year to year improvement. The multi-dimensional features and 5-star safety mark elevates the Soul’s superior cross-over status.

Easy handling and a powerful ABS-braking system coupled with an electronic stability program – ESP is top-flight manufacturing.

Tack the excellent design features to a price tag of Euro 21,250 and you have a total package worth every cent in state-of-the-art driving.

The Kia Soul cross-over model aims to attract the young at heart – turning more heads on the highway and city streets – this car simply looks good.

City-smart and elegant with richly rounded curves is unconventional – the design is built with modern twists and highlighted by provocative confidence.

Slightly elevated, the cross-over generates a powerful off-road presence with city driving intelligence.

The German market will provide four distinct models – Soul, Attract, Vision and Spirit – each with its own options – styling, sound and safety.

Kia Motors plans to bring out 136,000 models each year – with 30,000 vehicles for the European market. Kia’s market research indicates that the Soul will attract consumers between ages 25 – 44.

Good lifestyle is the issue on consumer’s minds and “The Power to Surprise” is Kia’s signature mark that does just that – the power to surprise at the right time and right place.

The Soul debut at the Detroit Motor Show was recognized for its unconventionality – it looked very different for a compact city roadster. Positive response has grown year to year.

Kia’s Soul’s concept originated in the USA and developed in Korea – the fine-tuning was elaborated in Europe. Customers were also involved in selecting color, interior design and options.

The product is truly a lifestyle creation.

Soul’s interior offers spacious design for five adults – getting in and out of the car measures comfort with practicality.

Options are broad with RDS-Radio/CD Player, six speakers, electric windows front and back, lower-higher steering wheel selection, iPod connector and sound sensitive mood lighting.

The 4-10 meter length, 1.6 liter- 126PS horsepower has maximum handling control.

A 5-year warranty with unlimited mileage heralds the Kia Soul as a win-win deal.

The Kia-newcomer with a red-dot design award ranks Soul as a class manufacturing model.

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