Knofel – The Garlic Restaurant in Berlin

"Das Knoblauch-Restaurant" in Berlin. © 2013, Münzenberg Medien, Photo: Stefan Pribnow

Berlin, Germany (Weltexpress). The Knofel Restaurant is situated in the Wichertstr. 33/Corner Dunckerstrasse in Berlin’s trend district Prenzlauer Berg. Everything here is made of or mixed with garlic. A special culinary experience.

The Restaurant

"Das Knoblauch-Restaurant" in Berlin. © 2013, Münzenberg Medien, Photo: Stefan Pribnow
“Das Knoblauch-Restaurant” in Berlin. © 2013, Münzenberg Medien, Photo: Stefan Pribnow

The room is decorated with all kinds of accessories referring to the spicy bulb which seems to be the queen in here. The guest room in which deep brown stools dominate at the bar, chairs and tables of wood as well as strong, while the walls are decorated in dark red. Bright light shines from lamps as well as from luminous candles. The visitor can discover T-Shirts with the bulb and „funny“ sentences on them and garlic pralinés with chocolate and fruit which were a real discovery for us from the WELTEXPRESS.

The means which was valid in the Middle Ages as detoxifying and was applied against the plague stinks for some noses like hell. But it is understandably central in the garlic restaurant. The healing power of this plant which is a spice as well as main food in the Knofel, is maybe a reason to appear in spite of the often unpleasantly felt smell as a guest. Garlic works well has against cancer of the intestine, lowers significantly blood lipids and cholesterol values, works antithrombotic.Besides, on the website of the Knofel one says: „Cardiac infarction or stroke can be bent forward by regular garlic pleasure.“ If it is right what the Babylonian and Palestinian Talmud advise, namely steady eating of garlic, „because the garlic feeds the body, gives clarity to the mind, strengthens the virility and expels parasites from the bowel“ (cf. Wikipedia), then it is alright with us. Though we do not believe, we eat, nevertheless, the „wind root“, called also “fart herb”, namely some of that what stands on the menu.

The Menu of the „Knofel“

"Das Knoblauch-Restaurant" in Berlin. © 2013, Münzenberg Medien, Photo: Stefan Pribnow
“Das Knoblauch-Restaurant” in Berlin. © 2013, Münzenberg Medien, Photo: Stefan Pribnow

To start slowly everyone should eat what he likes in normal life. For example a piece of crispy baguette with garlic butter. He who likes to go to the full immediately , has to taste the „stinking rose. A whole nodule freshly from the stove is served with anchovy butter and pole white bread. The Knofel potpourri contains tomatoes and cucumbers arranged on salad sheep cheese, garlic curd, garlic olives, garlic in honey and in Russian kind.
A hot soup for the colder season? Then there is no way around “stinking eagle owl”, how here and today the garlic soup is called. The garlic spaghetti, the 40-toes chicken “Skunky” in Knofel kind, this garlic restaurant knows no meat and fish which cannot have a bath in garlic. Even the dessert are aromatised with garlic. Would somebody want garlic ice with mint?
Even fruit are flavoured with the stuff. A baked banana coverered in a bun breadcrumb coating gets under garlic orange foam and strawberries in garlic beer dough.

However, not only the food but also drinks know garlic here. A garlic beer which is freshly prepared, a garlic white wine and a garlic booze who is served burning would be orderable. A bunch of garlic shots helps to forgive and to forget. And against garlic smell „chlorophyll in the form of fresh parsley“ shall help a lot.

Well, then…

Knofel, “Das Knoblauch-Restaurant”, The Garlic Restaurant, Wichertstraße 33, 10439 Berlin, Phone: 0049 (0) 30 4476717, Website:

Open: monday to thursday from18:00 hours, friday from14:00 hours, weekend from 13:00 hours. During the summer season open daily from 18 hours with terrace.

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