Berlin, Germany (Weltexpress). If you are in the Hasir Ocakbaşı restaurant in the centre of Berlin SO 36, the old postal delivery district Südost 36, you are in little Istanbul and are served all kinds of delicacies from the Orient, the old Ottoman Empire called Devlet-i Aliye-i Osmaniye and the new Republic of Turkey. The diversity of Turkish cuisine, Ottoman culture and the nomadic tradition of the Turkic peoples are combined with the cooking traditions of the peoples of the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. If you want to savour Turkish culinary art and the delights of Turkish cuisine, restaurants bearing the Hasir name are the place to go, especially the Hasir Ocakbaşı restaurant, the first Hasir restaurant in Berlin.

Hasir is not just a brand, but has long been a traditional brand that was launched in Kreuzberg (SO 36) in 1970 and is firmly linked to the Aygün family.

On one side of the junction of Adalbertstraße and Oranienstraße, Hasir kebab is sold with ayran and homemade Turkish desserts, while on the other side, masterful menus are served in the very first Hasir restaurant in Berlin.

© Hasır Gastronomie Kreuzberg GmbH

The Sultan menu

Lavaş and Soğuk Mezeler

Restaurant manager Idris Dagdeviren and his staff Mrs Gülsen and head waiter Erol Bünbün seat and advise guests personally. There is room for 90 guests inside and 70 outside in summer, and they are happy to recommend the Sultan menu to good guests. We start with lavaş, a fluffy flatbread with sesame seeds, which comes hot from the stone oven and warm on the table. This is served with half a dozen soğuk mezeler and appetisers. We happily reach for the desirable beetroot, tasty white beans and excellent hummus. We feast on a spicy paprika paste, an excellent aubergine salad, fresh yoghurt, strong goat’s cheese and always lavaş.

Lavaş and Soğuk Mezeler at Hasir Ocakbaşı. © Münzenberg Medien, Photo: Baheer Zadran, BU: Stefan Pribnow, Place and date of photo: Berlin-Kreuzberg, 4 January 2024

It goes well with ayran, a classic drink made from yoghurt, water and salt, as well as Şalgam, commonly called Şalgam Suyu, which tastes sour and spicy and a little salty because the vegetable juice is lightly salted. Well-being or health!

A great grill platter at Hasir Ocakbaşı. © Münzenberg Medien, Photo/ BU: Stefan Pribnow, Place and date of photo: Berlin-Kreuzberg, 4 January 2024

Karışık Izgara Tabağı

is the name of the main course. If Lavaş and Soğuk Mezeler were excellent, then Karışık Izgara Tabağı is even better. The grill platter is gigantic. Chicken, lamb chops and lamb skewers, veal and lamb mince skewers, boulette with cheese are served with bulgur, salad and onions with sumac. A large grilled and fully ripe tomato not only provided a great colour accent, but also a melange of sweet, sour and umamai with smoky and roasted flavours. Everything was excellent, including the long green and spicy Turkish pepper!

Well-grilled meat in the Hasir Ocakbaşı restaurant in Berlin. © Münzenberg Medien, Photo/ BU: Stefan Pribnow, Place and date of photo: Berlin-Kreuzberg, 4 January 2024

Günün Tatlısı

The sweet and roasted flavours continue. The waiter arrives with the mocha and the waitress with Günün Tatlısı. Excellent? More excellent? Most excellent! Idris Dagdeviren is the third in the group. He enquires again about our well-being, which couldn’t be better during dessert. Katmer (Dondurma ile) is included and Havuç Dilim Baklava (Vanilyalı dondurma ile), i.e. baklava with nuts and vanilla ice cream.

© Hasır Gastronomie Kreuzberg GmbH

What’s left after a Sultan menu? Right, time for a raki and a farewell formula like a promise: See you at

Hasir Ocakbaşı

Address: Adalbertstraße 12, 10999 Berlin

Contact: Phone: 03061659222


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