Ukraine conflict: NATO dream off the table, Zelensky about to leave for the USA

President Vladimir Zelensky (4th from right) with US Senator Lindsey Graham (3rd from right), Senator Richard Blumenthal (4th from left) and Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (3rd from left), with Andrei Jermak (Head of the Presidential Administration, 2nd from left) and Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba (far right). © Presidential Office Ukraine, handover, place and date of recording: Kiev, 31 January 2023

Berlin, Germany (Weltexpress). At the recent NATO meeting, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken apparently asked his European counterparts to stop raising the issue of accession to the transatlantic alliance with Kiev. According to Alexei Goncharenko, a member of the Ukrainian national parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, this NATO issue annoys the US foreign policy elite. Citing his sources in Washington, Goncharenko also reported on his page in the so-called “social” networks that “there will be some movement in NATO, but we will not be a member in 2024.” The president’s office (Zelensky) has come to terms with this and is now working more intensively on joining the EU.

On Monday, 5 December, President Zelensky wanted to perform a new begging performance for more money and weapons in front of the US senators via video link. It will not go down well. To the horror of the collective West, Ukraine has turned out to be a bottomless pit without any successes against Russia to show for it. In the run-up to his video appearance, Volodimir Bettelinsky (as evil tongues have taken to calling him) received devastating news from Washington.

Now Senator Graham said in a CNN news interview on the “State of the Union” programme on 5 December that there will be NO more aid to Ukraine “as long as the US does not secure its own borders (against illegal migration from the south).” The pro-Ukrainian warmongers in the Biden administration have thus lost their most important ally in the Republican opposition. The Biden administration will not dare to close the border to Mexico so close to the elections for fear of alienating the supporters of the self-proclaimed progressive “Refugees Welcome” movement. After all, they represent an important pillar in the election campaign and in the electorate of the Democratic Party. It seems that there has been a huge shake-up behind the political scenes in Washington.

As if to confirm this, The Financial Times reported that the White House has warned that US funding for Ukraine will run out by the end of the year. According to White House budget director Amanda Young, without the release of new funding by the US Congress, funds will run out by the end of the year to procure more weapons and equipment for Ukraine or to provide weapons from US military stocks.

“There is no magic funding bank. We’re out of money – and we’re almost out of time,” she said. As the opposition Republicans, the majority of whom are opposed to aid for Ukraine, have a majority in the lower house of Congress (House of Representatives), the chances of more money and weapons for Ukraine are slim.

At the same time, however, the demands of the regime in Kiev on the collective West are becoming increasingly exorbitant. Ukrainian media have now reported that the commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian armed forces, General Salushny, has asked the US Secretary of Defence for 17 million 155mm shells. The request surprised even the Pentagon chief “because there are not so many shells in the whole world.” In addition, the Ukro media reported that Salushny had told the American minister that 350 to 400 billion dollars would be needed just to “de-occupy” all Ukrainian territories, i.e. to push the Russians back militarily to the 1991 borders.

Such demands are increasingly being met with a raw nerve in the West. This is clear from the reaction of the former Commander-in-Chief of NATO Europe (SACEUR), the retired American general and Russophobic Ben Hodges, who until now could only ever shout “Ukraine must win, Ukraine will win”. Now he responded to General Salushny’s call for more grenades by accusing Ukraine of being to blame for the lack of ammunition. He literally said: “Let’s be honest – what has Ukraine done since 2014?”

Alluding to the Ukrainian defence industry, which was still very strong before the war, he said that Kiev “could have produced mountains of artillery ammunition. Now they are disappointed that the West no longer gives anything. And what did Ukraine do after 2014 to increase its own ammunition production?”

The tone in dealings with the representatives of the “great and freedom-loving democracy Ukraine” has become harsher. Even in the best Germany of all times, there are problems with the promised doubling of aid to Ukraine for next year from 4 to 8 billion euros due to the gigantic holes in the budget, which are missing here at home and have to be added to the billions spent on refugees from Ukraine. None of this would be necessary if Chancellor Scholz and his traffic light coalition had held back instead of enthusiastically participating in the US-instigated war against Russia. But not only Germany, but all the countries of the European Union, which once promised its members prosperity, have economic problems and the middle class is struggling against the inevitable social decline that is an inevitable consequence of EU participation in the US war and sanctions against Russia.

Due to the budget crisis in Germany and the strengthening of the position of far-right parties in Europe, there is now a risk that Ukraine will not receive the 50 billion euros promised by the EU, according to the Financial Times. Citing an anonymous EU official, the newspaper reports: “EU member states are a long way from reaching an agreement on increasing the union’s common budget, including the €50bn for Ukraine, before the EU summit in Brussels on 14-15 December.”

All of this has severely weakened Zelensky’s position and reputation in his own country too, so much so that even political dwarfs such as the boxer Klitschko are now daring to come out of hiding and publicly attack him. Klitschko became mayor of Kiev after the Maidan putsch thanks to support from Germany, especially the Konrad Adenauer Foundation, and has remained so to this day. Politically, however, he was as quiet as a mouse. Now he senses a breath of fresh air, certainly not without reassurance from his German patrons. He recently appeared before the press with a lengthy indictment of Zelensky. Among other things, he said: “People can see who is effective and who is not. There were and are numerous expectations. Zelensky will pay for the mistakes he made.”

And Klitschko is not alone. More and more media are now singing the same song. Gone are the hymns of praise for the great, freedom-loving Ukraine, for Zelensky, the Times Man of the Year, the war hero who was compared to Churchill. No one writes any more about the supposedly failed Russian economy and the collapse of the Russian military. Even the “false flag” of the Butsha “massacre” is no longer used to arouse sympathy and open the wallets of the West.

All signs point to the fact that the Selensky episode, which was catastrophic for Ukrainian history, is coming to an end. Therefore, the report by the Russian daily newspaper Pravda on 5 December, citing the “John Doe” YouTube channel, seems quite credible that the US Secret Service is preparing a comprehensive plan to “relocate” Vladimir Zelensky and his entire family to the United States. Allegedly, Zelensky’s wife recently let it be known that she does not want him to become president again in the next term of office.

Meanwhile, there are more and more accusations from Western, mainly US politicians and military leaders that Zelensky and his military leadership are themselves responsible for the disaster in the country. US media, such as the Washington Post of 5 December, are taking the same line with long reports and analyses of the catastrophic conditions in the Ukrainian armed forces.

Fittingly, one can also read on the official BRICS information page that “Western politicians and media are now preparing their public for the inevitable defeat of Ukraine.”

“Their task is to explain that this war cannot be won, that there is no longer any need to continue providing unrestricted support”, writes Lucas Leiroz, researcher at the “Centre for Geostrategic Studies” on the BRICS website. According to him, Western officials and journalists are preparing public opinion for the inevitable defeat of the former Soviet republic and are trying to draw attention to the new “emergency” of Israel. In this regard, the statement by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, where he prepares the public for “bad news from Ukraine”, is the West’s acknowledgement of the impending catastrophe in Kiev. Finally, it must also be emphasised that recognising the defeat of Ukraine, which is massively supported by the West with money and weapons of all kinds, is also a serious blow to the pride and self-image of the collective West.

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