Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah together or separately

Kabul, Afghanistan (Weltexpress). One time the president Mohammad Ashraf Ghani Ahmadsai candidate against Ex President Hamid Karzai but that time Scales of Hamid Karzai was heavy and Theatrics against! Like today against Dr Abdullah Abdullah! I want to mention something from those events: That says Ashraf Ghani has a plastic stomach, He is Jewish and also his wife and hie is shaped like a Chicken elephant and etc… On the first time he was not successful, and the left political side parties were supporting and my destination is that propaganda is our society public habit! We should think that Dr M Ashraf Ghani become a president and everything is going to be good? No, here are big political problems against him, peace process, Dr Abdullah Abdullah parallel government, joblessness, own team hippies and releasing of the Taliban imprisons and making good relationships with Pakistan!

Without delay he should have understood and Compromised with Dr Abdullah Abdullah and to be United for Inter-Afghan talks! If this compromise is missed, Then the Afghanistan people will separate, security balance mix up, stop the development and start domestic war, public Army and police will be separated! After exit of US army it facilitates for military revolt and possibly terror M Ashraf Ghani, because he doesn’t have a political party and his team is working to achieve the position not for the ideology and alright friendship! So it’s better to start making a team not to stress Mr. Ghani! Do not accept anything with them, Do not agree on Personal interests Preference to National interest!

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