Palazzo soars – a culinary treat and captivating entertainment

© PALAZZO Produktionen GmbH

Berlin, Germany (Weltexpress). When the senses are stirred, you’ll find the Palazzo Berlin experience a joyful adventure. Between fine dining and superb entertainment, the vibrations lift the palate and visuals to a highly memorable occasion.

© PALAZZO Produktionen GmbH
© PALAZZO Produktionen GmbH

Stepping in unison with wonderful songs and delectable dishes, you’ll journey into a fun-filled show that keeps your taste buds jumping and heart strings laughing.

A delectable four course menu with startling entertainment is the best way to sit back and enjoy the spectacle.

The artists are from the world-over – Sven Riemann – Germany, Colm O’ Grady – Ireland, Simon Llewellyn – Great Britain, Kaelyn Schmitt -Canada, Mandi Orozco – USA, Lorant Markocsany – Hungary, Yuliia Lytvynchuk – Ukraine, Brandon Rabe – USA, Kai Hou – China, Marion Feichter – Italy and The Fortune Four – Germany…

© PALAZZO Produktionen GmbH
© PALAZZO Produktionen GmbH

The comedy, flying acts – poles, swings, ropes, song, hoop diving, dance and magicians are electric!

Costumes and stage are brilliantly designed.

Funny, heart warming and full of fantasy – you’ll enjoy every moment.

Between acts, a team of servers provide a stream of dining extravaganza – making it all the more special.

© PALAZZO Produktionen GmbH
© PALAZZO Produktionen GmbH

The concept and brains behind Palazzo – Kolja Kleeberg and Hans-Peter Wodarz, truly demonstrates their innovative spirit.

When it comes to fine dining combined with excellent entertainment, Kleeberg and Wodarz created a magical happening.

Step into the world of Palazzo and your senses will be fulfilled.

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