“Dinner Curioso” – Its Curtain-up for the new Palazzo dinner show in Berlin

© Photo: Fritz H. Köser, 2015

Berlin, Germany (Weltexpress). Back in splendour: The well-established Palazzo is here again and welcomes guests to the 2015/16 Season – eat, drink and be merry in the hip-hop Ostkreuz area.

The colourful world of Vaudeville is this year the thematic focus of the thrilling show. Countless lights from chandeliers and candles, stained glass mirrors, velvet, silk and brocades: As if in a film by Jean Pierre Jeunet (Amélie, Mic-Macs) before the eyes of the astonished visitor a Panopticon of Burlesque, acrobatics, clowning and nostalgic elegance unfolds. Even before the actual show, the visitor is involved into a fantasy world from a forgotten time.

To make the epoch of “Decadence” more authentic, the two hosts Kolja Kleeberg, operator of the (again in 2016) Michelin star restaurant “VAU” at Gendarmenmarkt, and “duck expert” Hans-Peter Wodarz did their very best to conjure up a substantial and savoury four-star menu that turns the evening into a feast for all the senses.

For starters, theatrical waiters serve spectators dishes of slightly smoked halibut with Teltow turnips (Goethe’s favorite dish) followed by an Indian tomato soup with sweet potato and Kaschmir crackers. As main course, the Palazzo team, artists at the table and on stage, proudly presents duck confit leg with pickled lemon, Panch Phoron, spinach and red onion cream. A really delicious intermezzo of the floor to,roof show! The conclusion is a delicious caramel chocolate with fleur de sel, paradise apples and corn. For the zeitgeist guests, there is the also a vegetarian menu with quinoa salad instead of fish and cauliflower risotto with (sic) baby spinach instead of the duck. That the exquisite food arrives at the tables in time for everybody to get dining before the show goes on is a logistical tour de force that is only possible due to the incredibly charming and nimble service team. An extra praise for it!

And while GASTROSOFIE-cally speaking we were all taken well care of, awe-inspiring on the stage or high up to the tent ceiling, the wonderful world of artists and jugglers made their mark. Through the program led a kind of Gustaf Gründgens light, who fluctuated nimbly between wit and delusion. To highlight someone from the exquisite group of artists that mastered their arts like juggling, contortion, trapeze, hula-hoop, Russian Bar and Wizardry, would be unjust. They were wonderful, all of them. Although, my personal favourite was, I must say, Emily. And the cheers were with me there all the way.

The new PALAZZO address is: Ostkreuz / Rummelsburger Bucht, Kynaststraße 25, corner Hauptstraße, Berlin. Until 6 March 2016, you can see this lavish feast for the senses.

Weltexpress and GASTROSOFIE says: A Must Go!

* * *

S-Bahnhof Ostkreuz with the lines: S3, S41, S42, S5, S7, S75, S8, S85, S9

Bus: 194, 240, 347

A Car Park is adjacent to the PALAZZO “Spiegelpalast” Tent.

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