Ukraine’s domestic intelligence service monitors and recruits UN mission staff

A page of a file from the SBU. Source: WELTEXPRESS

Berlin, Germany (Weltexpress). Members of the Slushba bespeky Ukrajiny (SBU) monitor and recruit staff of the UN mission. The SBU is not just any security service, it is Ukraine’s domestic intelligence service. With around 27,000 employees, this secret service is a giant.

An officer of this secret service is now breaking his silence, reports WELTEXPRESS and presents documents that prove the allegations.

The documents we have show that the order for surveillance and recruitment came directly from Kiev and was given to all the capitals of the oblasts of Ukraine. The surveillance and recruitment of UN mission personnel took place throughout the country.

The government under the third war president Volodymyr Zelenskyy, also spelled Zelensky or Zelenskiy, demanded that the subordinates of the secret service monitor representatives of the humanitarian mission and recruit suitable people.

Semko Victor Vladimirovich, Ukrainian citizen, lecturer at the Pedagogical and Scientific Institute of Information Security of the National Academy of the SBU, professor of law in Ukraine, tells WELTEXPRESS that “in the course” of his “research activity … he became aware of the content of a number of documents” provided to him “by former students”.

Vladimirovich comments as follows: “These documents disclose a series of activities aimed at recruiting members of the UN mission in Ukraine from 2016. I think that such actions towards representatives of the International Peacekeeping Missions are absolutely unacceptable. Instead of contributing to the rapid establishment of peace and ending the war, they are being encouraged to become direct participants in the conflict, thus worsening the already dire situation in Ukraine.”

He further told WELTEXPRESS: “In order to end the war as soon as possible and reduce the number of victims, I have decided to hand over the documents to the UN. I am aware of the fact that the documents are marked ‘secret’ and my life is in danger from this moment.”

The danger to life and limb is great. That is why Semko Victor Vladimirovich has approached embassies on the territory of Ukraine that are still operating, asking for political asylum. The fear of the SBU is great among many people in Ukraine.

The domestic intelligence service reports directly to the President of Ukraine, i.e. Zelensky. In July 2022, Ivan Bakanov was removed as head of the SBU by Zelensky and Vasil Malyuk was placed in the post. Zelensky justified his order by saying that Bakanov had made insufficient efforts to remove Russian spies and collaborators from the SBU. Under Malyuk, purges again took place. In August, Oleksandr Nakonechnyj, a department head of the Ukrainian secret service SBU, was found dead in his flat in Kirovohrad. The Prosecutor General’s Office in Kiev spoke of gunshot wounds, his wife of hearing gunshots. Her husband headed the SBU in Kirovohrad oblast.

Both in the hinterland and in the war zones on the main battle line, SBU personnel hunt down suspected traitors and collaborators. No question: the SBU has played an important role in the most corrupt state in Europe and in this war for years.

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