The Gunners could not reload fast enough against Bayern who beat Arsenal in the first leg of this Champions League 16-round with an astounding 5:1

FC Bayern vs Arsenal FC at the Hofbräu Berlin. © 2017, Münzenberg Medien, Foto: Stefan Pribnow

Munich, Berlin, Germany (Weltexpress). If you’re one for the roar or love to score with lots of your pals around, then the Hofbräu Berlin is always the soccer place to go to. There you can meet like-minded people, fans of the one and only FC Bayern München. It is a good thing that in the Champions League (CL) this unbearable pre-group with most tiring matches full of exotic participants and strange results is over and in the following rounds only best teams from each country take part.

For a start the FC Bayern team got the better of their opponents from London. The Gunners as Arsenal is called scored only once and that out of a tussle after a penalty not every referee would have given. Unfortunately, the Londoners proved to be rather a mediocre team of the Premier League and thus were a nightmare to watch over the entire match, with few exceptions. And Arséne Wenger looked like the ghost of Canterville in person. Not only he, but also his team was to be feared.

FC Bayern coach Carlo Ancelotti, on the other hand, was in a good mood enjoying the for a short time exciting and most of the time good performance of his players in this round of the last 16.

The defence in front of goalkeeper Manuel Neuer stood firm, but revealed two weaknesses in the first half. The whole team showed nerves after the 1:1 equalizer by Alexis Sánchez (30th). But at the beginning of the second half, the hosts showed their willingness and cleverness. Lewandowski scored (53rd), then Thiago twice, (56th and 63rd), and with every goal, with every shot shown there were more Bayern fans on their feet at the Hofbräu, cheering and clapping like mad. The organization of the guests had dissolved as Arsenal came mentally down.

It was a miracle that only Thomas Müller as late arrival increased the score (88th) in a goal Gala that started with an unbelievable shot from Arjen Robben (11th). Arturo Vidal, Lewandowski, Javi Martínez and other Bayern players missed good chances. Arsenal FC also had opportunities through Granit Xhaka (39th) and Mesut Özil (44th).

FC Bayern München are likely to make it as they did the last years in this round of sixteen CL participants. Surely fans of Bayern will again cheer them to victory – in London, Munich and here heartily with beer.

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