Taliban are negotiating with government officials from Washington, not those from Kabul

Abu Dhabi, United Arabic Emirates (Weltexpress). Since it is the third day of debate and negotiation about peace between Zalmai Khalilzad, the envoy of the United States of American and Taliban are underway, it seems Taliban are with full preparation on the negotiation table, they want to show that the Taliban are confident and strong enough to fight a war.

The stance that they don’t want to meet Afghan government delegation shows that they consider the Afghan government as a puppet regime of America which doesn’t have any authority, that’s why the Taliban are not ready to meet and negotiate with Afghan delegation. Since the talks are underway, if the Taliban are going to agree upon a six-month temporary ceasefire, then Khalilzad is obliged to sit the Afghan government with the Taliban, which means if the Taliban accept the ceasefire, the Afghan government has to positively responds to the demands of the Taliban because the Taliban won’t accept the ceasefire unless the Afghan government responds positively.

The Taliban demands from the government would be to release the Taliban from the prisons, to delist the Taliban members from a blacklist and that they make Khalilzad to have a full withdrawal timeline. Today, Wednesday, it’s going to be clear how longer they have gone about the peace process. It’s highly likely that they reach an agreement and later they will discuss the rest of steps regarding peace until a durable peace prevails and Taliban as a political party emerged and incorporate into the people and the government of Afghanistan.

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