The Battle for America – The “Color Revolution” is coming home

Washington Monument in the capital of the VSA. The memorial was erected in honor of the first President of the United States of America (VSA), George Washington. Source Pixabay

Berlin, Germany (Weltexpress). The difference in the colors couldn’t be clearer. Here the “blue” of the Democrats and the “red” of the Republicans. Seen from the outside, America is off track and there are no resounding signs that that could change. The election of November 3, 2020 did not contribute to this either. Even before President Donald Trump took office in early 2016, buckets of dirt were poured over him and his supporters. Strangely enough, the central hub was London. But also that media empire that in the United States must be seen as the “strategic bomber command” of the forces that have taken up the cause of global Americanization. The downright myth-shrouded “Maidan” in Kiev was nothing against what happened in Washington in an effort to thwart a rapprochement between the USA and Russia under all circumstances. Actually, enriched with “Corona”, this “campaign of cosmic proportions”, which was conducted against President Trump for more than four years, should have resulted in the evaporation of the re-elected President Donald Trump and his “red”, Republican Party. The opposite was the case. The Republicans were not only doing splendidly in the two houses of Congress. They gained seats in the House of Representatives and have a good chance of defending their dominant position in the Senate. What was amazing for America, but also for the rest of the world, was how the president asserted himself.

The Democrats did not sweep him away, which actually “should have been on the cards” with the political and media campaigns. Much worse: the election campaign and what was already known about the opponent is now helping to bring this up to America’s courts what has historically gone wrong at the ballot boxes in the American state system through voting. Mitch McConnell, the Republican majority leader in the Senate, made it clear. President Trump has every right in the world to appeal to the courts about how correctly the elections went and what the outcome was.

All those who have already sent their congratulations to Joe Biden must tremble now. They all hope they don’t fare like Boris Johnson, who had to make a phone call with Joe Biden, even though Donald Trump is still President. Things are being fought out in the US as it stands: High Noon on Global Main Street. Seeing President Trump’s activities in the Middle East, one has to wonder whether it will still be the United States as a unified country that will make politics after January 20, 2021. Aren’t these the contours for, at best, “secondary foreign policy” between competing centers of power in the USA. It’s what President Trump made clear yesterday. He fired the Secretary of Defense as the generals are globally undermining Trump’s withdrawal policy.

The rift manifested itself in the US in the 2016 elections. At the usual security kermess in Munich, the well-known “Republican-Democratic War Alliance” sat together amicably, while the wrecking ball was already laid on this form of the Washington power cartel by candidate Trump – to the delight of the rest of the world. Soon the party was over. Today, even as a European, what is going on in the USA can be expressed visually on the old Napoleonic battlefield outside the gates of Salzburg and within sight of the Unterberg. According to folk tales, the last of the great clashes of the “armies of light and darkness” will take place there. This is how people treat each other in the USA and the statements about “healing the nation” have a poisonous effect. They have degenerated into weapons, as has happened to human rights globally. And this charade is shared internationally.

What led to the “color revolutions” in Kiev and Tunis, in Aleppo and Cairo and in many places around the world has returned to the homeland. Not to retire, but to play sorcerer’s apprentice. One can say that with good reason, especially against the background of German history since the twenties of the last century. The first “color revolution” in history took place in Germany and was not “orange” or “red”. No, it was “brown”, through active action by representatives of the American authorities and the forces that would be called “global billionaires” today. What was about to become insignificant was showered with money. Everything just had to be strictly anti-Russian and anti-Semitic. The Washington repertoire includes the entire range. If we do not adhere to natural law and what defines the democratic, Christianly determined Western world, we in Europe and Germany will not meet the challenge that, coming from Washington, is facing us.

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