Politics has neither enemy nor friend

Kabul, Afghanistan (Weltexpress). Politics has neither enemy nor friend. Young people! You should be very precise, alert and aware.

Yesterday it was you who wanted that this time the president will not share power with anyone, we told you to share but leaving power will be divided more than before, I faced some harsh reactions throughout the whole system, you saw how power was divided in many places. Now when you do emotional actions and make wrong assumptions it is all wrong.

According to this year’s report by NATO and especially the United States, 950 billion dollars has been spent here, so neither NATO, nor the United States, nor the patriotic Afghans, nor the armed forces, nor other political parties are destroying this government and the system.

Here you see that the people want change, change will bring peace, progress and prosperity stability. There is no place for fear. Peace from individuals is important to us. If further changes take place, it will be achieved by holding a Loya Jirga democratically. It is clear that whoever seeks power from the position must find something that the rulers cannot find and throwing them away from their positions will somehow be hard for them. You’re the ones who should be defending the Constitutions, the laws and the country from rebels.

Just think about it and don’t let anyone do something!

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