Three-City Offensive in Afghanistan – Kandahar, Herat and Lashkar Gah in the hands of the Taliban?

In the sky above the Hindu Kush © Photo US Army Spc Ken Scar 7th MPAD

Kabul, Afghanistan (Weltexpress). There is fighting in and around the cities of Kandahar, Herat and Lashkar Gah. These cities are under siege by the Taliban this week.

The Taliban began a major offensive across much of Afghanistan in April in the wake of announcements by the US and NATO that foreign forces would be pulling out of the war-torn country after 19+ years of occupation.

Announced? Many have already left.

The following is reported in “Sputnik” (2.8.2021): “The assault on Kandahar – Afghanistan’s second largest city – saw Taliban forces shell the city’s airport with at least three rockets on Sunday morning, with police reporting that at least five civilians were killed in a separate incident in which a mortar shell hit a taxi.

A Taliban spokesman confirmed to Reuters that the group had attacked the airport, saying it was targeted “because the enemy were using it as a centre to conduct air strikes against us.'”

And that’s true.

There was also fighting in Herat and Lashkar Gah. 100 Taliban are said to have been killed in Herat. This is what officials of the two mayors of Kabul say. It can be, it cannot be.

“Sputnik”: “In Lashkar Gah, heavy fighting has led to shut off of power and telecommunications, with unconfirmed reports suggesting that the Taliban has penetrated the city and is engaged in street-to-street fighting with commandos sent there to try to expel them. The Afghan air force and its US allies reportedly engaged in aerial attacks of urban areas, leading to fears of civilian casualties.”

That’s right, US forces continue to bomb in the Hindu Kush.

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