Tres Tapas in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg Berlin – Where Spain meets your imagination

Tres Tapas in Berlin. © 2013, Muenzenberg Medien, photo: Stefan Pribnow

Berlin, Germany (Weltexpress). Berlin has many trendy neighborhoods, but one that really captures the spirit of the city is Prenzlauer Berg. With diverse restaurants and bars, Lychener Strasse 30 is home to Tres Tapas – a delightful Spanish restaurant and bar that swiftly transports your senses to a welcoming experience.

A light atmosphere in Spanish ambience – matadors, bullfights and rustic prints align the walls.

At Tres Tapas you will find a wide variety of appetizers or snacks that is commonly known as Spanish finger-food or tapas.

Cold or mixed oilves and cheese or warm chopitos – battered fried baby squid will give you an idea why tapas is a way of life in Spain.

In Spanish bars, tapas have evolved into a sophisticated cuisine that bring people together not only to eat, but to communicate.

Treasuring life’s simple pleasures combines the spirit of good food and company.

As important as the tapas and conversation, the dining experience begins with a sherry.

Intense and light, chilled sherry opens a full range of sensation that prepares the senses for uniquely flavored dishes.

Fine bread with garlic – allioli, chillies, paprika, cumin and saffron enriches the pallate – the mariscos – seafood, grilled to perfection – mackerl, sardine and squid are but a few of the many assorted tapas.

Tres Tapas serves wonderful Spanish wine and beer – to balance the experience the Tintos include Qum Ran Roble, Vina Ljalba Livor or a Vega del Castillo.

Fine Blancos in Vina Ljalba Genoli or Vinedos Verderrubi or a Rosado Vina Ljalba Aloque Rosado are encouraged.

The Mixed Tapas plate with 12 assorted tapas is highly recommended.

Coupled with friendly service and live guitar sessions – Tres Tapas encourages their guests to take in the full flavor of Spain.

Very popular with families and children – Tres Tapas Sunday brunch.

Special events and catering are also part of Tres Tapas services.


Weltexpress Gourmet highly recommends Tres Tapas in Prenzlauer Berg – Berlin.

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Tres Tapas, Lychener Straße 30, 10437 Berlin, Website:, Email:, Phone: 030 41715718.

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