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Berlin, Germany (Weltexpress). Situated on the banks of the Spree where you can embark on an excursion along the sightseeing river after having observed, or even admired, the East Side Gallery that has not been demolished, “Pirates Berlin” is waiting to be taken by all with a very hearty appetite and happy attitude. Across the road from the Oval where polar bears play polar games, next to the old vaulted bridge connecting Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain that are – as bureaucrats believe – united, lies what used to be a mill store.

After extensive reconstruction, it’s home to the Pirates since 2012. Only the “Mauermuseum” in the edifice recollects memories of the border that, to the young customers and crowd, has passed away into oblivion. Seen from afar especially now in the cold, brightly lit up in the East if you come across from Kreuzberg, it immediately makes you feel welcome. “Pirates” is an event location, for sure, but this evening we wanted to dine not to dance. So we took our hook out and dragged our wooden – or rather proper legs to the reserved table.

The restaurant impresses with high ceiling, wood panelling, some very long tables and benches, beige round lampshades dangling from the ceiling, a real eye-catcher, plus that splendid view of the Spree through large windows. By the looks of it, Pirates is fully booked. The stoves in the kitchen must be running at full speed and continuously under steam. You can easily make it out that the Christmas roast goose is a festive dinner. The tables are well laid, eyes brim over and one of the many waiters is carving away. Many guests are served a traditional roast goose with cabbage and kale, dumplings and very delicious sauce. The lovely and large portion seems well priced at 19.50 euro, as is a whole goose at 89 euro – including a bottle of red wine, mind you. Feel welcome to enjoy the tremendous Xmas duck until Boxing Day.

For the feast, Pirates offers a special treat both on the 25th and the 26th of December, from 10am to 3pm. The Christmas brunch including a glass of Prosecco costs 17.50 euro, children from 4 years pay 8.50 euro.

Crossover cuisine, fusion and seafood are always a good go. Above all, the gigantic pizzas are great – even on Advent and Christmas! New is the Candy Nashi with pear, goat’s cheese and walnuts. The pizza is flambéed at the table – nice to watch the show!

Our tip: First place an order for a Pirates-Starter-Box. Captain i.e. proprietor Alexander Freund advises us a Tortuga steak. The approximately 380 grams piece of Tomahawk from “Hällisches Landschwein” is served with fiery sugar cane salsa and sweet potato puree. Long John Silver would probably have loved it, my colleague certainly did. After the restaurant visit we recommend a visit to the bar, to put it precisely the bar outside. There we advise to a round of rum! Lots of varieties are in store.

In summer this is a fantastic open-air bar with lounge, in winter a tent is built overhead which is pleasantly warm-ventilated. So to be sure, we would love to come again in the warm season!

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Pirates Berlin, Mühlenstraße 78-80, 10243 Berlin, reservation: 0049 (0) 30 97002414, e-mail:, Web:

Opening times: 10 am to midnight

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