The Taliban must guarantee securities

Kabul, Afghanistan (Weltexpress). President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, Waheed Omar and other officials have suggested that peace talks should take place in Afghanistan. It is good that if we look at the six years of the President’s rule and service, the Taliban have not yet accepted one of his demands and proposals, so I don’t think this offer will be accepted either, because first of all, there is the issue of security. No one can guarantee that those incidents will not happen.

We have seen terrorist attacks in places that were there was a 100 percent guarantee of  security, such as the attack on the Kabul Intercontinental Hotel, the assassination of Abdul Raziq in Kandahar, the assassination of Abdul Jabbar Qahraman in Helmand, the terrorist attacks on NDS departments in some provinces, the attack on Kabul University and the attack on the Shiite academic center and so on, while there are several terrorist groups active in one country, I think it is impossible to guarantee the security of their rivals.

If the Taliban still accept this, it is a great thing to be appreciated!

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