Berlin, Germany (Welttexpress). On the same day that Israel’s heinous operation in the West Bank took place, the US State Department spokesman was asked about its legality at a press conference in Washington. Miller’s response, recorded below, speaks for itself in its disgusting and monstrous attempt to justify Israel’s crime against humanity.

Plain-speaking AP correspondent Matt Lee asked US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller about the incident. As background, the incident is briefly summarised as follows: A group of Zionist murderers disguised as medical staff and civilians had entered a Palestinian hospital in the occupied West Bank armed with submachine guns and hand grenades, where – in the tradition of fascist death squads – they deliberately liquidated or extrajudicially executed a number of patients in their hospital beds. This raised the question at the US State Department press conference as to whether this operation by the US protégé can be regarded as appropriate behaviour by a state that repeatedly claims to be the only civilised and democratic state in the Middle East.

Question from Matt Lee: (…) And here is my second question, which has to do with the operation that the Israelis carried out in Jenin hospital. What do you have to say about that? Is that something that you think is problematic, or is it something that you look at with envy because that was kind of a great “Mission: Impossible” mission, something that we (US) wish we could do?

Answer from Matthew Miller: Well, I would say that we urge caution when operations have the potential to affect civilians and civilian facilities. That includes, of course, hospitals. But we also recognise the very real security challenges that Israel faces and its legitimate right to defend its people and its territory against terrorism. Israel, of course, has the right to conduct operations to bring terrorists to justice, but these operations must be conducted in full compliance with international humanitarian law.

Lee: Well, these operations include going into hospitals and murdering people in their beds, regardless of whether they are suspected or even known terrorists. Is that okay with you?

Miller: So the premise of that question was very important. Obviously they knew – so did we – that they were going in there …

Lee: Well, you don’t think they went in …

Miller: We – well, wait.

Lee: … and killed people who are completely innocent, right?

Miller: We – so let me say that …

Lee: Because if you believed that, then you would condemn it, wouldn’t you?

Miller: We certainly would, but I would say that Israel said that they were Hamas activists. They said that one of them was carrying a weapon at the time of the operation. So I’m not in a position to talk about the facts of the operation. You would have to make some kind of legal judgement – to know all the facts of the operation. But in general, they (the Israelis) have the right to carry out operations to bring terrorists to justice, but they have to be fully …

Lee: Even in hospitals?

Miller: So we want them to conduct their operations in accordance with international humanitarian law. We would generally say that we don’t want them to carry out operations in hospitals, but under international humanitarian law, hospitals lose some of their protection if they are misused to carry out terrorist operations.
[Lee tries to interrupt.]

Miller: So again, I’m not in a position to make an assessment without knowing all these facts. Some of the facts that have been presented by Israel say that one of them was carrying a weapon and that they were planning to carry out or launch terrorist operations. So you would have to look at all these facts to make a specific assessment of this operation. But in general, we want the hospitals to be protected. It’s important that no civilians were harmed in this operation, but – and as I said, we want – we believe that Israel –

Lee: How do you know that – how would you know that?

Miller: There are no reports of civilians being harmed in this operation.

Lee: Can I come back to that later?

Miller: Go ahead.

Lee: Thank you very much. But in this particular case, I mean Israel occupies the entire West Bank. It’s under Israeli control. They don’t have to disguise themselves as paramedics and storm a hospital to murder people you call non-civilians. Actually, they are civilians, but that’s obviously beside the point.

And that was the end of the press conference. The transcript and video of the press conference can be found on the U.S. Department of State website at this link. And here is a link to a CNN video with images of this despicable act, which reflects the moral depravity of the fascist reality under the current government in Israel.

The hypocrisy of US State Department spokesman Miller is also fabulous. Just imagine if the actors had been replaced – if it had been Hamas fighters who had entered an Israeli hospital in this way and killed Israeli soldiers or commanders! How very different this press conference at the US State Department would have been.

Moreover, it is ridiculous what a flimsy explanation the Israelis use to justify the murder of three people just because one of the victims allegedly had a gun with him. As with the 40 Israeli babies allegedly beheaded by Hamas on 7 October 2023 and similar horror stories from sick minds, the gun allegedly found in the hospital bed is probably another brazen lie. But for the sake of argument, let’s assume it’s true. Could the murdered man not have taken this precaution precisely because he knew the ruthless behaviour of the Israelis and feared that they would be quite capable of committing these atrocities even in a hospital?

Israel will certainly continue as before with the support of the USA, and all over the world more and more people will recognise their real murderous faces behind the hypocritical mask of virtue, human rights and democracy. With every further crime they commit, they make the job of the International Court of Justice easier and they are already increasingly alone.

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