Berlin’s gourmet restaurant “Altes Zollhaus” charms the world – German cuisine with enriching options

Altes Zollhaus in Berlin. © Altes Zollhaus

Berlin, Germany (Weltexpress). Herbert Beltle’s rustic refuge simplifies the joy of dining. Graced with artistic elegance the ambience sets a savory experience along the river Spree.

Host to many events and prominent guests, the menu provides three to five courses that offer German culinary fantasy.

The famous Horcher wines are from the Pfälzer region – sampling its excellent quality is encourgaed.

Served by a highly professional staff the Altes Zollhaus inspires the imagination.

Every major city offers choice restaurants – when in Berlin and in search of fine German dining, Chef Günter Beyer has prepared gourmet delight at the Altes Zollhaus since 1994.

Not to leave the experience as a memory, the on-line shop will carry it a step further.

Ordering Horcher wines, specialties – spices, olive oil and books on the Altes Zollhaus tradition, your journey will continue when you reach home and share the experience with family and friends.

Mr. Beltle’s magical dining concept and flair can be found on Facebook – here you will discover in great detail what you will encounter when enetering the Altes Zollhaus in Berlin.

Weltexpress Gourmet will reiterate what many have stated after experiencing the Altes Zollhaus restaurant – “Thumbs-Up” and a 5-Star Excellence Rating for dining, service, style and balanced prices that match culinary achievement.

* * *

Altes Zollhaus, Carl-Herz-Ufer 30, 10961 Berlin, Email:, Phone: 030 692 33 00, Website:

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