Berlin, Germany (Weltexpress). Anyone who thinks the Pfefferberg market hall is a labyrinth is making a fool of themselves. The Pfefferberg market hall is only the ground floor when you enter from the street called Schönhauser Allee. This is where the first floor of the restaurant called Tauro used to be. It was spread over three floors, and was well known for a wide range of satisfying to good Spanish food and also some splendid drinks, especially very fine wines.

Meal array at Gully Burger in Berlin’s Pfefferberg market hall. © Gully Burger, BU: Stefan Pribnow

You can still get cheese and sausages on the ground floor, as well as plenty of beer, but also burgers. The beer thing fits in with the Pfefferberg area, because it used to be a brewery. Beer is still brewed there, albeit on a much smaller scale, and still served, often outside in the beer garden. It was Joseph Pfeffer who bought the then undeveloped site in 1841 to brew bottom-fermented beer there. Top- and bottom-fermented beer fits like a glove with the Gully Burger in the Pfefferberg market hall. The burger fry has nothing to do with that gully neatly embedded in the street, through which waste water is discharged into the sewage system. The term gully here comes from India and means street food. The food in the Gully Burger restaurant is served at the very back of the place and does not come from a food truck or an open cookshop on a street, but the long counter for serving food does offer a good insight into the kitchen.

A Gully Burger at the restaurant called Gully Burger in Berlin’s Pfefferberg market hall. © Gully Burger, BU: Ole Bolle

The Gully Burger is on offer. Between the almost square, practical brioche is well-seasoned beef topped with fried onions. Lettuce and green chutney are also included, as well as spicy mayonnaise.

The Gully Cheese Burger differs from the Gully Burger in that it has a slice of processed cheese. But the burger called Kerala Fried Chicken is completely different. Above all, it tastes spicy. That the chicken meat has been bathed in a spiced buttermilk marinade is something some people have to be told, because tasting this and that could be difficult for some people given the spiciness. That the chicken for the burger called Kerala Fried Chicken was then deep-fried and in a Kerala masala rub is evident from the strong piece of meat, which is also placed in a square Indian brioche. Served with coleslaw and masala ketchup and homemade curry leaf mayo – that tastes really delicious!

An example of a burger called Vada Pav at Gully Burger in Berlin. © Gully Burger, BU: Stefan Pribnow

The sauces, besides green chutney and masala ketchup, are madras aioli, curry leaf mayo, kashmiri mayo and tamarind chutney, and more suitable for fries. Like the burger called Vada Pav, which is made of spicy mashed potato rolled in chickpea flour and tastes spicy, these are vegan. The Chota Fries, on the other hand, are only double fried and simply salted. One or the other sauce would go well with this, or all of them.

The Gully Fries are double fried and “tossed in a spicy masala rub”. The Gully Cheese Fries, on the other hand, are indulged with a cheddar cheese sauce. Gully Salsa, Madras Aioli, onions and banana pepper add to their flavour and make them a feast for the eyes.

Delicious Gully Loaded Fries at Gully Burger in Berlin’s Pfefferberg market hall. © Gully Burger, BU: Ole Bolle

Don’t forget the Gully Loaded Fries, which are not only specially cut and double fried, but mixed with keema and finished with cheddar. Keema is finely chopped and slow-cooked beef that is well seasoned.

Not only the burgers go well with the fries, but also the popcorn chicken. These are also marinated in spiced buttermilk marinade and for 24 hours, then deep-fried but not seasoned. To go with it, enjoy the sauces on offer in the

Gully Burger

Adress: Pfefferberg, Markthalle, Schönauer Allee 176c, 10119 Berlin

Phone: +49 178 666 2994

Net: and


The above contribution by Ole Bolle was rendered into English by Christoph Merten.

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