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Berlin, Germany (Weltexpress). Pankow is one of Berlin’s up and coming neighborhoods that features a Top-10 Best Steak Restaurant in the capital. The Steak Company on Grunowstrasse 1 is a delightful escape – a dining experience that lifts your senses and takes you on a delicious culinary journey.

Mr. Jens Krause’s restaurant has achieved an admirable ranking in a city known for its diverse eating establishments. His high ranking speaks for the passion he has in bringing a full range of style, flair and fine dining to Berlin.

Location and ambience stirs the imagination, where everyone – including children, immediately relax in stylish and spacious warmly decorated rooms.

The Steak Company is staffed by a highly experienced and friendly team that take pleasure in guiding you through the menu and wine list – you’ll welcome the recommendations.

A menu as rich as your expectations begins with tasty appetizers – King Prawns in garlic butter, baked camembert, potato pancakes with smoked salmon, capaccio of beef, salmon soup or plentiful salads are some of the favorites.

Argentinian rump steak, sirloin, fillet of beef, spare ribs or pork prepared on a lava stone grill are treasures to be discovered.

Salmon fillet or a Halibut steak will mezmerize seafood lovers.

For a hearty main course, the Herren Steak or Lady’s Steak specials are recommended.

The kind attention provided to every mom and dad is addressed to children as well – a menu filled for the youngsters includes pasta delights, chicken breast – nuggets and an array of wonderful desserts.

The restaurant proudly serves house-made desserts – the American Cheesecake and Schokoladen Tarte are splendid.

What is just as impressive as the interior is a spacious terrace and a full-view playground across a quiet neighborhood street.

Parents and friends can enjoy a peaceful Sunday Brunch while their children are happily occupied.

The Sunday Brunch is classic – where everyone, young and old take their time and enjoy a delicious feast.

Sparkling wines and champagne or excellent wines from Italy, France and Portugal are available – the Portado Tinto and Vinha Real Secco will balance your dining pleasure.

Relaxing on the sun-deck with a cocktail or a long-drink can’t be underestimated – a Strawberry Daiquiri or Passion Fruit Mojito creates the perfect setting.
The beer selection offers König Pilsener Schwarzbier, Köstritzer Schwarzbier and Erdinger Weissbier – to name a few.

Fine dining, superb service and a calm atmosphere speaks volumes for the Steak Company.

Next time in Pankow, treat yourself, family and friends to a well-deserved culinary experience.

Gorumet Weltexpress gives two-thumbs-up for the Steak Company.

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Steak Company, Grunowstraße 1, 13187 Berlin Pankow, Phone 0049 (0)30 49500363, E-Mail:, Website:

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