Beautiful Chinos in Khaki and Navy

© Helly Hansen

Berlin, Germany (Weltexpress). Helly Hansen (HH) can also wear trousers for men. For hairy men’s legs in normal fit, roughened cotton twill (200 g / m²) is just good enough.

The Chinos trousers are classic, loose and light and are particularly suitable for summer. As usual, the brand name Helly Hansen is somewhere on the clothes. So also on these pants. However, something hidden. A logostickery is located on the back of the belt loop. And she can not be seen with a belt. What a pity. This is clear: the pants have belt loops.

Not only that, but also trouser pockets, two perforated pockets at the back and two oblique hip pockets at the front. The zipper has a zipper and a flat button.

The Chinos in Khaki and Navis are available in the waist ranges from 71 to 101 and in the leg lengths from 81 to 91.

Wash: no more than 30 degrees and then dry and iron with low heat. This is enough for cleaning and straightening the pants.

The HH pants have their prices and is currently around 80 euros.


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