Old English Style – An acronym in leather: The AJS leather jacket

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Berlin, Germany (Weltexpress). A leather jacket is a leather jacket, but a leather jacket from AJS is an AJS leather jacket. AJS is an acronym behind Albert John Stevens, who is one of the most famous manufacturers of motorcycle history. In Wolverhampton in the West Midlands he built his first gasoline-powered engine in 1897 in the parish forge, and in 1909 he built his company with his brothers Harry, George and Joe.

With light motorcycles from our own production …, which were equipped with single-cylinder engines and twist gearing, the story started. In the 1920s, A.J.S. Motorcycles with lifting capacities of 250 to 800 cm³; In addition to the single cylinders, there were longitudinally and transversely built-in V2 engines and even a longitudinally mounted four-cylinder in-line engine. In 1927, a 350-cc single-cylinder engine with an overhead camshaft was introduced. In 1929, the entire model pallet was converted to OHV valve control and the large V2 engine had a displacement of 996 cm³. In the 1930s, A.J.S. The second largest British motorcycle manufacturer.

Then people and trucks and even radios were built. In 1931, A.J.S. Broke, but was still a brand. This was purchased in 1974 by Fluff Brown, who continued to produce A.J.S. motocross motorcycles Stormer with 250 cm³ and 350 cm³ two-stroke engines in Andover. Also in the People’s Republic of China still machines are manufactured with the acronym AJS, namely the A.J.S. CR3, a 125-cm road motorcycle, as well as the shelf-raptor-series soft-shells.

Basically, however, AJS is a “symbolic signet of high-quality motorcycle clothing”, as Detlev Louis Motorrad-Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH, headquartered in Hamburg, is the sole importer of classic motorcycle clothing.

The clothing is “preferably leather”. The WELTEXPRESS tested and wears the AJS leatherjacket whose “nostalgically inspired look” according to Louis “pleasantly reminiscent of the great values ​​of the great English one and two cylinder epoch”. You can say that and write it.

The leather, more precisely: Rindleder, 1.2 mm thick is dyed dark brown, soft and yet robust. The leather jacket has a classic, retro look or Old English style. It looks beautifully simple and seemingly timeless.

The thermal waistcoat is 100% cotton, 100% polyester on the torso and 100% polyamide on the sleeves. All around, there is a zip fastener and a front zipper. Two inner pockets plus a smartphone pocket and an outer pocket, also with zipper, are practical.

It is important for motorcyclists that the AJS leather jacket has detachable Super-Shield HTP protectors on shoulders and elbows and you can buy a Super Shiel back protector (order number 20019169). With all the trimmings the leatherjacket sits as hard as the story of Albert John Stevens on the shoulders. That’s how it should be!

Support Note:

The research was supported by Detlev Louis Motorrad-Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH in Hamburg.

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