Come and celebrate Xmas for all by and with Christian Bahrmann at Wirtshaus Berlin of Hofbräu München

Christmas for all
Enjoy a colourful Christmas for all at Wirtshaus Berlin on December 24, 2017. © Hofbräu Wirtshaus

Berlin, Germany (Weltexpress). This is the Christmas charity event for your family at Wirtshaus Berlin. Every year, Christian Bahrmann comes to the Wirtshaus and organizes the big Christmas party for the “Arche”, Ark, a Christian children’s and young people’s organisation in Berlin and another registered association called “Straßenkinder”, street kids so to say.
Christian, who is known as a Berlin-based actor, puppeteer, singer and presenter by all sizes and ages, especially as the best friend of Kikaninchen, invites with his partners “all children and families, who did not fare well this year, to a festive Christmas dinner with great gifts and Xmas presents from Santa Claus.”
“For us as Wirtshaus Berlin,” explains Christian Gohl, head of the well-known thriving Bavarian event location, “this project is our special thank you to all Berliners.”

Spend Christmas Eve at the Wirtshaus Berlin and present your present the days before

This joint action by Wirtshaus Berlin and Christan Bahrmann will take place 24, December 2017 from 11.30am to 2pm.
Until one day before Christmas Eve, everyone at the Wirtshaus Berlin can while enjoying the beers from Hofbräu München hand over their gift marked with boy or girl and an appropriate age. So everyone can help, join in “and make others happy, “says a delighted Christian Gohl.
Registration for this honourable charity event is possible at the “Arche”, at the ark on 030 992 88 88 00 or by e-mail to
More information is available at the home page – see you there and at the Xmas event, hopefully!

* * *

Christopher Prescott, based on an article by Kerstin-Bettina Kaiser.

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