Alba Berlin Rocks EWE Baskets Oldenburg

© 2018, Münzenberg Medien, Foto: Stefan Pribnow

Berlin, Germany (Weltexpress). Game 3 Play-Offs and Berlin looks like a major contender.

Playing consistently and scoring big points, Alba used their superior board control and turned in a high-level fast break performance. Leading throughout the match, Oldenburg was unable to diminish Alba’s determination.

Fans of Oldenburg. © 2018, Münzenberg Medien, Foto: Stefan Pribnow
Fans of Oldenburg. © 2018, Münzenberg Medien, Foto: Stefan Pribnow

Taking a comfortable 2 – 1 best of five series lead, the Berliners used a heavy scoring punch to thwart an inconsistent Oldenburg game.

Top scorers for Alba – Luke Sikma 18, Spencer Butterfield 17, Marius Grigonis 15, Siva Peyton 12 and Dennis Clifford 11, provided a well rounded scoring rotation. The boards also belonged to Alba – taking down 39 to the visitor’s 26. Fast break points were crucial for the home team, outscoring the Baskets 12 – 5.

Oldenburg’s go-to-man, Rickey Paulding started slow, but improved in the second half leading his team with 19 points. Other top scorers – Rasid Mahalbasic 16, Frantz Massenat 15, and Armani Moore added 10.

© 2018, Münzenberg Medien, Foto: Stefan Pribnow
© 2018, Münzenberg Medien, Foto: Stefan Pribnow

Back in Oldenburg for game four – Tuesday, May 15, 2018, Oldenburg will be more determined. Should Oldenburg hit the boards and play better transition basketball, the outcome might create a tough game five show-down in Berlin. The winner of the quarter-final will end up playing Ludwigsburg or Bayreuth.

In the other bracket, Frankfurt is leading FC Bayern 2 games to 1 and Bamberg is up 2 – 0 over Bonn.

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