Streets of Kabul

Kabul, Afghanistan (Weltexpress). When you go to Kabul city, you will see that the roads and streets of most of the districts are blocked by warlords and high ranked corrupt government authorities with tall cemetery protection walls. In some cases, they have blocked half of the roads, but in others the whole roads with the protection walls.

On the opposite side and in front of their houses, they have built security checkpoints that prevent people to cross the roads or streets. Those roads and streets where the high ranked government officials have built the checkpoints prevent the inhabitants of Kabul city from backing and forthcoming.

This cruel people don’t care how the people are suffering from their illegal actions, they don’t obey to the urban rules and regulations, even though they don’t follow the Islamic guidance of urban living.  Their feelings are dead and no other government responsible authorities take the responsibility to block and stop them.

Due to fear and being scared I have taken this photo from far away. They call themselves Islamic leaders, however their actions are totally against Islamic guidance they don’t care about those who live in the streets and they don’t feel how they are suffering from illegal and awful actions. If the government doesn’t prevent them from blocking roads and streets the people will never trust the government, which will increase the distance between the people and government. This is a country where everyone has their own rules and regulations.

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