Huge Atlantic bombshell: Huawei thrown way out of the UK

Flags flying: Union Jack up along Stars and Stripes. Source. Pixabay

Berlin, Germany (Weltexpress). Unfortunately, we are living in an age that, after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy 1963 in Texas, has to live with being lied to and betrayed by state officials about important developments. States use a grandiose nebulization tactic, operated by “spin doctors” located in the respective top office, highly paid and governmentally active “counterfeiters”.

They base their lies on the democratic mechanism in order to obtain the desired results in the course of the system for their own government or the system of the “tow” states through their conspiracy practices. Formally, at least everything should be fine with fraudulent activities. The way in which Germany was lied to by the “Trio Infernale”, consisting of Schöder, Scharping and Fischer to take part in the war against Yugoslavia, is the German masterpiece of any state “Baron of the Lies”.

Nevertheless, the number of people who can independently judge complex international issues from their own knowledge in a long period of peace is growing. These people are increasingly at odds with the lies and inadequate information that is being dished up on them by the state. Democratic society is defending itself against the arbitrariness of the state, which lashes out wildly and knows only how to help itself by defaming entire population groups. Considering the national and international power structures, one can calculate downright where we end up. After 1945, we haven’t reached totalitarian structures that close in any decade. We have something in store of, to be sure.

The situation is no different in the international arena. With two events at the beginning of March 2020 at the latest, i.e. a few weeks ago, we were brought to the threshold of the Third World War. On March 3, 2020, it was officially announced in Beijing: The plague that hit us all came to Wuhan carried by American soldiers in October 2019. Like the Bundeswehr, these were participants in so-called military festivals. The tit-for-tat response came a day later when President Trump blamed China for this global epidemic. Hundreds of thousands of deaths worldwide later, of which a hundred thousand died in the United States alone, this top-notch exchange was given particular weight. By 9/11 there were several thousand victims, mostly in New York, who had been used to justify war. The global economic damage is so serious that whole generations have to wonder how they will ever get out of it.

Almost at the same time, Russian President Putin, taking steps by opening the World War II archives and relocating the World War II festivities to September 3, 2020, drew attention to the whole globe in connection with two world wars, illuminating the United States as it did during a bomb attack in World War II by means of the famous “Christmas trees”. Just in time before the conflict with China is brought to extremes, the role of the USA in the period between 1900 and 1945 comes into focus, as does the way in which sanctions enabled and ensured the way to war.

The bombshell for the road we have to take in the “tow states”, however, went off in London this past weekend. Now you can try to compare the effects. London has always been the test area for the really big things. This could be seen in December 1936, when the then British King Edward VIII, who was extremely open to Nazi Germany, like large parts of the anti-communist British elite, had to forcibly renounce the throne. The TV programme “Arte” recently reported highly informative about Beijing’s role in London. After that, the expulsion of the large Chinese corporation from England by Prime Minister Johnson can for the future and under American pressure only be assessed in the dimension as this event in December 1936 in the run-up to the Second World War. Waiting to see how the “fellowship” ​is kept in line in Berlin under these circumstances?

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