Independence is coming for Scotland … sooner or later

The flag of the Scots. Source: Pixabay

London, UK (Weltexpress). Tommy Sheridan writes in “Sputnik” (18.9.2020) under the headline “The ‘Force’ is With Independence – Scotland’s Freedom is Coming“: “The ‘news’ that Star Wars Jedi star Ewan McGregor has shifted his opinion from opposing Scottish independence to enthusiastically supporting it, is welcome and indicative of the fundamental and irreversible shift towards Scottish secession from the increasingly ugly and nasty British Union.

But it is neither ‘news’ or as significant as the latest opinion poll which registers clear support for Scotland to become an independent nation once again by those who actually live in the country and particularly the young people who are the lifeblood of the nation.”

More informations about the Opinion polling on Scottish independence in “Wikipedia”. For weeks and months, those in favor of leaving the UK have been well ahead.

No question about it, Brexit has massively changed the attitude of the Scots.

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