Peter Hanneberg & Sandy Eime

Peter & Sandy. Photo: © Sandy Eime

Stockholm, Sweden (Weltexpress). Peter Hanneberg & Sandy Eime are a betrothed writers couple originating in Stockholm and Sydney, respectively. 

Peter, a Swedish seasoned journalist on high-end travel & environment, is also an awarded professional photographer, and author to many books on subjects such as world heritage sites, oceanic islands, ecotourism, national parks, and guide books. His academic background includes journalism, biologi, and natural sciences at Stockholm University. He was the editor-in-chief of two international magazines on sustainability and environment, and is a trustee of WWF-Sweden’s Advisory Council chaired by HM King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden. He founded the Swedish Ecotourism Society in 1996, and has done travel writing and hotel reviewing for many years.

Sandy is an Australian travel writer and blogger specialised in responsible leisure & business travel. Together, Peter and Sandy complete one another as a team reviewing business travel, historical hotels, eco-lodges and safaris, spas, trains, expedition cruises, food & wine, destinations, often with a focus on sustainability efforts. They find particular interest in how exclusive travel can contribute to the well-being of local communities, and to the protection of the environment and wildlife.

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