Abdullah Abdullah in Abdullah Abdullah on a visit to Pakistan

Kabul, Afghanistan; Islamabad, Pakistan (Weltexpress). In today’s world and in global politics, a country that has good and deep relations with the countries of the world is successful. These relations have a great impact on the economic, military, political, cultural, diplomatic, and trade sectors and the friendly countries are expanding these relations in the light of their national interests. Therefore, I commend Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, the Chairman of the High Reconciliation Council of Afghanistan, for his three-day visit to Pakistan. Because Pakistan and Afghanistan are very close in terms of culture, language and neighborliness, if we have good neighborliness, good trade and good relations, it is in the interest of the people and governments of both countries.

So, our hope is that Dr. Abdullah Abdullah and the government of Pakistan will put an end to all differences and work for peace first and thus remove all obstacles. Expand trade, open all avenues for trade and movement of people without visas. Just as there were no restrictions on the visa table between us and them for five years after the formation of Pakistan, nor should there be now, people will be able to come and go, so the roads between the two countries will be open to the public.

With this, trade between the two countries expands, the economy grows and the employment of the people grows. May God end the enmity and create an atmosphere of brotherhood and

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