Mass media in the US declare Joe Biden President-Elect

The White House in Washington, USA. Source: Pixabay

Washington, USA (Weltexpress). Joseph “Joe” Biden from the Democratic Party (DP) was projected to win the presidency by TV networks after they called the race in the key states of Pennsylvania and Nevada in his favour, saying he will win at least 290 electoral votes, while only 270 are needed to win the election.

The difference between Biden and Trump is around 30,000 votes each in Wisconsin and Nevada.

The difference in Pennsylvania is around 40,000 votes.

In Georgie, the difference between Biden and Trump is 10,000 votes.

President Donald Trump from the Republican Party (RP) previously stated that, beginning Monday, his campaign would assert its claim to victory in the presidential election in court, citing numerous alleged violations during the vote and possible fraud.

The election campaign between the DP and the RP could continue in court.

Votes could be recounted.

There is still no official final result.

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